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Bilstein 5100 Vs 5125: Which One is The Best and Why?

Are you looking for a tool that’ll easily lift your truck’s weight? Do you need the perfect shock absorber system for your new truck? Well, you are in the right place, but first, let me say this. For a long time, it never crossed my mind to compare the Bilstein 5100 vs 5125. However, after a series of questions popped up on my car’s blog about the two, I have thought it wise to give it a go.

It may seem a hard topic to get by – that’s for sure if you are new to these two models. However, if you have been around them, done your research properly, and taken the most important features into, though, then this will be a no-brainer.

Luckily for you, I have done all the research. I have compiled everything in this post so that you don’t have to do it yourself. That’s why you’ll need to read through to find out what these two shock absorber models have.

After that, you can make the best choice on which model to go with. So, please take a look at what I have compiled for you and choose a model that’s appropriate now.

Let’s dig in.

Bilstein 5100 Vs 5125: Similarities and Differences

Bilstein 5100 vs 5125

The Bilstein is an awesome addition to your truck. But because it has several models that you can choose from, it is crucial that you make your best choice depending on your needs. As such, I will compare the similarities and the differences of the Bilstein 5100 & 5125 to give you a great start.

Piston Size

The piston size of the Bilstein 5100 and 5125 are the same in size. This means that you’ll get the same performance for these two high-grade car suspension systems when you narrow it down to the size of the piston. Both pistons do measure 46 mm in size.

Total Weight

When it comes to weight, these two pistons differ slightly. The Bilstein 5100 weighs in at 5.64 pounds while the Bilstein 5125 comes in at 4.81 pounds. The difference in weight produces the difference in performance too.

It means that the 5100 model will add some weight to your truck. Even so, it’ll allow you to carry more weight compared to 5125. Thankfully, this slight variance has been well solved, as you will see in a few minutes.

Rod Size

When it comes to shock absorbers, the size of the road will play a key role too. So, if the rod is thick or thin, you must take a cursory look. The rod size again determines how the shock absorber will fit into the system of your truck.

For these two models, the sizes of their rods are the same. Both do measure 14 mm and will fit perfectly under your truck system.


It is important that we take a look at the size of the two shock absorbers too. The size will determine how easily they fit in your truck system and which areas they are perfect for. Starting with the 5100, which measures 68.58 x 8.89 x 10.16 inches, you will notice that there is a slight loop; the 5125 sits at 26.8 x 2.95 x 2.95 inches in size.

The first model is longer and will raise the truck higher from the ground level, in comparison to the latter.

Material of Design

The other thing that we should pay attention to, and which determines the durability and performance of the shock absorber is the material of design. These two models have been designed from plated steel, which is a highly durable material.

This material ensures that the two shock absorbers perform better, last longer, and suspend weight comfortably. It is highly resistant to wear and tear or harsh elements that damage shock absorbers.


Again, a good shock absorber should be easy to fit the height that you need than to operate at. This technology gives you a breather and gives you some freedom that you can play around with.

Luckily for you, both models will give some room for quick adjustments to will leave you with the perfect height.


Looking at the Bilstein 5100 and 5125, you will hardly notice a difference in their performance. The former provides a good and fast transition while the latter provides the same with a smoother transition.

This is what many truck owners need, especially when they are going through rough terrains.

NOTE: I completely understand that it’s a hard task when choosing and comparing such top-rated tools. Thankfully, Bilstein is an awesome brand when it comes to such tools. So, you can find some comfort while choosing between two of its top shock absorber models. And like you can see, there are enough similarities and differences that you can go by.

Bilstein 5100 & 5125: The Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have seen the similarities and differences between these two shock absorber models, it is important that you understand what you have to remember when looking to buy any of them. Please take a look at what I have for you.


The first thing that you must look for in the shock absorber is the working technology for your needs. While every model comes with technology, it is important that you choose a technology that’s suitable for your use. The same should apply to the comparison of the two models that we have here.


This one is again very crucial when looking for the perfect shock absorber. However, it is a good thing that Bilstein gives the best adjustability for its shock absorbers. And thanks to this feature, getting your work done much more efficiently and quickly is easy.


More importantly, you must focus on the level of durability that the shock absorbers give. You have to measure if your model will last longer or not. This can be done by looking at the feedback and the reviews from the first users.

Remember that a good shock can go for up to 50,000 miles, and that’s about 5 years of usage before you can replace it. This is what you should look at when focusing more on the durability of the shocks.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Finally, and before we wrap up this post, I’d love us to take a look at some of the most common concerns that we have come across before.

Can Bilstein 5100 Shocks Work with Your Truck?

The Bilstein 5100 is designed to work on automobiles. They will work with the existing suspensions of your truck to provide you with an easy installation. While using the factory coil springs, you can have the 5100 series set to the perfect ride height with over five-position options. This makes them best for lifting your truck or even SUV in the front with up to 2.75 inches.

What is the Correct Way to Mount Your Bilstein 5100?

As it is with all Bilstein shock absorbers, you’ll have to pay attention to the provided label. The rule of thumb that the Bilstein tech advises its users to go with is this. Always mount the shocks with the Bilstein logo sitting on the right-side-up.

Why are Bilstein Shock Absorbers the Best?

Bilstein is technically higher and superior. It comes with the patented monotube gas charged technology that allows excessive heat that comes from the oil to go straight to the outer surface of the body of the shocks.

This provides a better dissipation mechanism and a highly efficient performance. In addition to that, Bilstein’s dividing piston again enables oil to expand when heat builds and, in doing so, prevents even the slightest aeration (foaming) or loss in viscosity.

Do Bilstein shocks absorbers wear out?

Yes. They do have a life expectancy of 100,000 miles on hard road use. This means that at 120,000, you must think of replacing them.


Looking at the Bilstein 5100 vs 5125, it comes down to what your needs are. It can get water again down to your taste and preferences, and above all that, you can make a choice depending on the work you want to use the truck for or the price of the model that you choose.

Even so, the location that you will ride on is again a very important thing to consider. As such, before you make your choice, take your time to ensure that you have looked at the factors that I have given you above keenly.

Remember that if you invest in a model, making a new choice will cost you extra money. It is very important that you round up your Bilstein 5100 or 5125 with so much patience.

For an even better ride, looking at the size of your truck is again very important. The size of the track may mean that you either have a higher, medium, or lower suspension.

Good luck in making the right choice, and welcome back if you have some concerns that you love us to help you address.

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