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F150 Ecoboost Stuttering Acceleration which is the Ford Ecoboost engine. Ecoboost is a turbocharged engine, used in several recent Ford vehicles, which not only delivers a great deal of power but also achieves approximately 30% better fuel efficiency.

While there are truly quite a few advantages of the F-150 variant that comes with the Ecoboost engine, there are, nonetheless some engine issues that need to be addressed. f-150 EcoBoost stuttering acceleration is one such problem in the Ford F-150 Ecoboost. What exactly is the stuttering problem?

If your F-150 is facing power loss or if your pickup stutters, or shudders, the problem is with its EcoBoost engine. You are not alone in facing this problem as several other F-150 owners have reported this problem and Ford has taken note of these complaints.

Complaints in this regard show that, in more severe cases, the F-150 can even go in the “limp mode,” causing it to lose all power. This problem with the EcoBoost F-150 is most commonly reported from humid states, for instance, Florida. If the cause of this problem can be associated with one factor, it would be “condensation.” Condensation causes the F-150 to stutter as it is accelerated and to lose power.

Solution for Ford F150 Ecoboost Stuttering Acceleration:

After getting several complaints, Ford is planning to resolve this technical problem. They are trying to redesign the Charge Air Cooler so that it can handle excessive moisture. Several people have come up with fixes on various platforms and they can be helpful for anyone facing the stuttering acceleration issue with their F-150. Some of the users-suggested solutions are:

  • Ensure that a proper gap is maintained between the spark plugs. Even if the CAC does not have problems, if the spark plugs are not properly gapped, you will face a stuttering acceleration problem. It is pertinent to get the gap between the plugs checked and corrected.
  • Another solution that has worked for some F-150 owners has been the replacement of the Charge Air Cooler.
  • Using a “Catch Can” may be able to solve the stuttering acceleration problem. It would catch the moisture from the air before it could reach the engine. The Catch Can needs to be emptied regularly.

Furthermore, you might want to change your dealer if your problem persists.

Charge Air Cooler and moisture:

Apparently, the cause of the F-150 EcoBoost stuttering acceleration problem is the Charge Air Cooler (CAC). The purpose of CAC is to take the air inflow as it passes through the turbocharger. The air-cooled as a result makes its way to the engine. So, what seems to be the problem in this process? The CAC seems to be overclocking, that is, it is working a bit too well.

Breakdown of the problem:

The Charge Air Cooler draws the air and the moisture in the air settles and then builds up in the tubing. This phenomenon is more prominent when the airflow to the motor is slow. If you accelerate your F-150 suddenly, the engine will suck in more air. This would also mean that more air will pass through the CAC.

The moisture gets deposited in the intake tube and the engine, virtually acting as a vacuum, sucks in this moisture. Finally, the moisture sucked in by the engine causes stuttering as the acceleration increases. The stuttering is directly proportional to the amount of moisture sucked in by the engine.

If a lot of moisture reaches the engine, the F-150 goes into limp mode. This happens so that the engine would not get damaged any further. In states like Texas and Florida, there is more moisture in the air and, therefore, the air is more condensed. That is why most of the F-150 owners from humid areas face such problems in a proportionately large number.


Why does the F-150 stutter on acceleration?

This happens when the engine tubes gather moisture from the condensed air outside.

Is there any solution to the stuttering acceleration in F-150?

Ans: Ford is working on it and trying to redesign the CAC so that it can manage the excessive moisture. Some vehicle owners have tried to change or tweak the spark plugs and some have tried other means like using a Catch Can or replacing the CAC and they have been successful in overcoming this problem.


To sum it up, while Ford F-150 has great utility in regard to the power it delivers and the fuel efficiency it offers, it nonetheless has certain problems that one needs to be mindful of. One of these problems, as this article demonstrated f150 EcoBoost stuttering acceleration, is that of stuttering acceleration?

The Ecoboost engine in the F-150 does not fare well in humid conditions. The intercooler, or the Charge Air Cooler, works a bit too efficiently and the tubing gathers moisture on sudden acceleration. The built-up moisture in the engine causes stuttering or shuddering as a result.

Checking the gap between the spark plugs, replacing the Charge Air Cooler, and using a Catch Can catch moisture can be some fixes one can adopt to address this issue.

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