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How Do Ford Dual Fuel Tanks Work? Are they helpful?

Like all other big vehicles and trucks, the Ford van also has two fuel tanks. These tanks work simultaneously. They help the drivers to draw gas from both of them when the van gets slow. But, the question arises of how do Ford dual fuel tanks work. These two tanks are placed at the filter bowl on the opposite side of the fuel rail. They are necessary for big vehicles because they manage fuel volume and flow.

Drivers use the switching valve to switch between the Front and Rear tanks to supply the fuel to the engine.

How Do Ford Dual Fuel Tanks Work

Explanation About How Do Ford Dual Fuel Tanks Work?

So, after you have read about all the parts of these double fuel trunks. Let us go ahead to know how this works and help driving smoothly.

Following are the step by step details that can demonstrate the function:

Firstly, understand the function of the reservoir or filter bowl. It does store the fuel in it. This filter bowl adjusts the volume of the fluid.

Secondly, comes the function of the tank switching valve. It is present under the driver’s seat. The main function of this valve is to link the fuel lines of supply and return. Moreover, it separates tanks. So, it helps the driver to switch easily by using a remote.

Thirdly, comes the twin tanks or pipes. They are present under the black clips. Moreover, each pipe has two port:

Big port: Big port on tank one is called Front Supply. And, it supplies the fuel to the engine from the front side. While, on the other hand, a big port on tank two is called Rear Supply. And, it supplies the fuel to the engine from the rear side.

Small port: Small port on the first tank is called Front Return. And, it returns the fuel. While, on the other hand, a small port on the second tank is called Rear Return. And, it returns the fuel also.

Afterward, comes the main engine. This dual fuel tank supplies the fluid or gas to the main engine through the pipes and tank switching valve. Furthermore, this main engine is present under white clips. And, it also has two pipes attached. One is for the main supply and another is for the main return of the fuel or gas.

So, dual fuel tanks work according to the above-mentioned steps. Furthermore, they make the driving experience stable by managing the fuel supply from two pipes.

What is the Nature of The Ford Dual Tank?

As stated earlier, all of the Ford trucks or vans are big in size. So, it is obvious that big motors need more gas or fuel. The same is the case with big fords. These ford double fuel tanks work on a big engine with more petrol. Because of that, each tank has two pipes:

  • One pipe pushes fuel to the engine.
  • And, the second one turns the fuel back to the fuel rail.
  • In this case, the vehicle uses fuel from both of the tanks at the same time in order to manage the speed of the vehicle.

So, are you clear about the above-mentioned reason why fords have double fuel tanks? Well, that is great.

Now, you may be thinking about how it looks? Alright. Then start reading the points below:

  • Firstly, like all other vehicles, it has a Filter Bowl or a Reservoir in the center.
  • Secondly, above this reservoir, there is the tank switching valve that performs the function to switch from one pipe to another.
  • Thirdly, there are black clips present on Supply. This is the supply of fuel to the main engine.
  • And, white clips present on return. This is the return of fuel to the main engine.
  • Fourthly, under these white clips, the main engine’s supply and return pipes are located.
  • On its opposite side, under those black clips, the most important twin fuel pipes are located.
  • One pipe performs front fuel supply and return. For this purpose, it has two ports.
  • While the second performs rear fuel supply and return. For this purpose, it also has two ports.

So, have you understood the structure of the fuel twin tank of your ford?. This information about the parts of twin dual tanks was essential to proceed towards the next step.

Location of the Fuel Tanks:

However, if you want to see the dual fuel tanks of your ford then, move towards your driving seat.

What you need to do is:

  • Bend down.
  • Afterward, go underneath your ford.
  • Next, below the driver’s seat, you can see these tanks, their front and rear pipes, switching valve, and the main engine.

Did you go underneath your ford? Well, that’s great. Because after seeing those tanks, it becomes easier for you to understand the work of ford dual fuel tanks.


To cut it short, by knowing the parts of the tanks it gets very easy for anyone to understand how to do ford dual fuel tanks work. Moreover, it is necessary to understand its structure and function. Because you cannot solve any problem regarding dual ford tanks without knowing how these tanks supply fuel or gas to the main engine.

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