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How Much Does a F350 Weigh – A Complete Guide

When you ask several people, who own the Ford 350 what their truck’s weight is, they may not even say it. Don’t be surprised, and they aren’t alone. While this is simple and easy to find information, most of us don’t often take it with the seriousness that it deserves.

We will laugh it off, ignore that we were asked, or brush it off with the “little importance” tagline. But how much does a f350 weigh?

Well, it could seem like a non-issue, that’s for sure. But is it really that small of an issue? Contrary to what other F350 Ford owners may think, this is a very crucial factor when you buy your F350 Ford model.

In fact, if you the weight of your truck, whatsoever the model, it becomes a very cool thing. So why is that?

How Much Does a F350 Weigh

How Much Does a f350 Weigh: F350 Weight

There are several models of the F350 truck from Ford. These models weigh differently. Even so, the average weight of the F350 is about 6100 pounds, while the Ford F350 models will weigh between 3700 pounds and 7200 pounds.

The difference in weight is again determined by the length of the chassis, which sits at an average of 170 inches long, with 71 inches wide. Remember that the different models give you other different weight options in line with their features and specifications.

Here are some of the top F350 models that you should know.

– 1990 F350 – 4,761 lbs.

– 1991 F350 – 4,777 lbs.

– 1992 F350 – 4,890 lbs.

– 1993 F350 – 4,892 lbs.

– 1994 F350 – 4,872 lbs.

– 1996 F350 – 4,477 lbs.

– 1997 F350 – 4,664 lbs.

– 1999 F350 Super Duty SRW Lariat – 4,759 lbs.

Apart from the 1990s F350 models, we have several other models that have come around. Here are their curb weights. Even so, there are several other Pre-1990s models. These ones tend to average from 4,720 pounds.

– 2000 F350 Super Duty – 5,195 lbs.

– 2001 F350 Super Duty – 5,182 lbs.

– 2006 / 2007 F350 Super Duty SRW – 5,696 lbs.

– 2008 F350 Super Duty SRW 4WD SuperCab – 6,523 lbs.

– 2009 F350 XL 4WD Crew Cab – 6,567 lbs.

– 2010 F350 King Ranch 2WD Crew Cab – 6,136 lbs.

– 2011 F350 King Ranch 2WD Crew Cab – 6,542 lbs.

– 2012 F350 King Ranch 2WD Crew Cab – 7,023 lbs.

– 2013 F350 Lariat 2WD Crew Cab – 6,539 lbs.

– 2003 F350 Super Duty King Ranch Crew Cab – 5,604 lbs.

– 2004 F350 Super Duty – 5,405 lbs.

– 2005 F350 Super Duty King Ranch Crew Cab – 6,665 lbs.

– 2014 F350 Platinum Super Duty 4×4 Crew Cab Long Bed DRW – 7,460 lbs.

– 2015 F350 Lariat 4WD Crew Cab – 6,890 lbs.

– 2016 F350 XL Standard Trim – 6,010 lbs.

– 2016 F350 Lariat Standard Trim – 7,460 lbs.

– 2017 F350 Super Duty SRW– 6,653 lbs.

– 2018 F350 Super Cab SRW – 6852 lbs.

If your model is a 4×4 model, then you can do an additional of around 400 pounds irrespective of the year of manufacturing.

Like many other trucks, I want you to understand that curb weights will remain the way they are. This makes it easy to follow up. However, if you have modified your truck, then your curb weight could be different.

That’s why I am going to give you a simple formula for calculating the curb weight of your F350 model.

Why You Should Know Your Vehicle’s Weight

There are several reasons why every truck owner should know the weight of their model. The same applies to the F350 owners and includes the following.

– Enables you to understand how much weight you can carry with your truck

– Plays a crucial role when caring for and maintaining your truck.

– Determines the rate of wear and tear of your truck

From whichever way you look at it, one thing is clear, knowing your truck’s weight is very important for you. That’s why in this post, I’d love to give you a simple answer; how much does a ford f350 weigh?

Here is what I have rounded up for you.

Calculating the Curb Weight of the F350 Model

Like we have seen above, you can use the curb weight of your F350 to determine what weight your model weighs in at. However, this may not be the case if you have made certain modifications to fit your ride.

If this is what you have done, there is a simple equation that you can easily use to calculate your ride’s curb weight. This equation can also be of help if you didn’t find the year and the model of your ride on the list.

Here is the formula: GVWR Max. Limit – Payload Capacity = Curb Weight

GVWR is called the gross vehicle weight rating. The GVWR of your truck is found in the pillar of the door on the side of the driver. GVWR stands for the maximum weight that’s allowed to be carried by your truck when it is fully loaded (with anything including the passengers and equipment).

NOTE: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is different from the curb weight, which is the weight when the truck is completely empty except for fuel and fluids, which are the essentials.


How Much Does a Ford f350 Weigh?

Apart from what we have seen, there are many other things that we could still look at. They concern the weight of the F350 and much more. I have listed them here for you to take a close look at.

How Can You Weigh Your F350 Truck?

Weighing your truck is a brainer. Thanks to the many garages that we have today and which offer the best truck weighing tips and scales.

Apart from that, there are some local groups that provide such services which you can make use of if you cannot find some private weighing station to use.

Nonetheless, when you are yet to start weighing your truck, make sure that you top up the gas and all the other engine fluids. This is important since they are usually part of the curb weight when the truck is measured.

What Happens If I Overload My F350?

If you don’t bring weights that are recommended in the weight range that you have for the F350 model you are using, it would mean that you are overloading your truck. If this is the case, then there are several things that could happen. They include the following:

– Damages on the frame

– Damages on the chassis

– Worn out and damaged tires

– Cranking frames

– Poor wheel alignment

It is important to maintain your truck in the best. You should work within your limits to ensure that there is no strain that’s further exerted on your F350. This way, your truck will last longer. Luckily for you, the curb weight of the vehicle will determine the amount of weight that it can carry. It is the main reason why knowing the weight of your truck is very important.

How much is Ford F250 Super Duty in weight?

There are two types of the F250 Super Duty models. If you are talking of the normal 2WD version that comes with the regular set-up for the set-up, then that should go for 5,648 pounds in terms of its curb weight.

However, the 4WD model weighs 6,114 pounds. This comes about because of its range of cab and its bed lengths.

How Can You Get the Weight if You Can’t Weigh?

Depending on where you are, getting the weight of your Ford F350 is easy if you make use of Ford’s official manufacturer website. On this website are the weight details of every model. You will get the spec of your F350 and again the year of manufacture.

How much weight can the F350 haul?

Hauling a weight is no different from towing the weight. Ford’s official website will give you details on how much weight you can haul with the F350. Even so, some of the most regular F350 models have a hauling capacity that starts from 18,000 pounds and above.

NOTE: Without asking the right questions, it is hard to determine how effective knowing the weight of your truck is. More importantly, you ignore things that you’d have taken seriously. That’s why these questions are important.


If you have been asking yourself, “how much does a f350 weigh” now you’ve got your answer. With several models under this category, the weight difference will spread through the models.

Even so, the average weight falls in the range that I have given you above. So take your time to locate your F350 Ford model and look through it to understand how much it weighs. This is because understanding the weight of your vehicle is very important.

It helps you to understand the wear and tear of the truck, monitor the amount of weight that you can haul, and, more importantly, form part of rich knowledge about your vehicle. So make it your business.

With such information, you will notice that informing a loved one about the truck’s weight limits becomes very easy. You can again protect your truck and ensure that it lasts longer than its intended lifespan.

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