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How Much Does a Ford Ranger Weigh | Expert’s Detailed Guideline

As a heavy-duty worker how much does a Ford ranger weigh is important knowledge to process the job of lifting or carrying affluently.

Therefore, the weight of a Ford Ranger is individual according to the different types of models. Also, there are many kinds of models for distinctive purposes. To be approximate the weight of Ford Ranger 3,922 to 4,441pounds (lbs.),

Moreover, the comprehensive knowledge of the variety of weights of each model is quite helpful for a beginner a lot.

For a newbie, while processing heavy-duty operations, a little bit of vehicle information will make your job easier.

Besides, with the expertise info about the Ford Ranger Truck weight, You can also percept about how much industrial weight your Ranger pickup can tug and carry out.

Thus, let us help you know about the weight of your mighty Ford Pickup Ranger. So, eventually, you will not come forward with trouble. 

How Much Does a Ford Ranger Weigh – Weights of Different Ranger models of Ford

How Much Does a Ford Ranger Weigh

Before we start, let us learn about the Ford ranger Pickup vehicles. Well, we are here to understand all the fundamental apprehensions about the Ranger Pick-up truck.

The name Ranger has a meaning, which indicates the vast range of divergent models for all the Ford users. In this way, Ford planned to serve every single customer of individual needs.

Therefore, the Ford brand is the first prime one to develop compact, compatible towing pickup mini trucks. Moreover, the durability, efficiency, befitting of the small Ranger truck is very praiseworthy.

As it does the towing, dragging, pulling, hauling and, carrying all types of hefty metal equipment. In this regard, you can think of this as one of the best types of convenient pickup hauling trucks.

So, let us just go ahead and learn the weight leverage of the Ford pickup truck Ranger of an individual type of model.

Model Configuration Curb Weight Measure Gross Weight Measure Ground Clearance


Angle of Approach


Ford Ranger Super Cab (4×2) XL/ XLT/Lariat 4145  Pounds (lbs.) 6050 Pounds (lbs.) 8.4” ( Inches) 28.7° (degrees)
Ford Ranger Super Cab (4×4) XL/XLT/Lariat 4354 Pounds (lbs.) 6050 Pounds (lbs.) 8.9 “ (inches) 27.9° (degrees)
Ford Ranger Super Crew (4×2) XL/ XLT/Lariat 4232 Pounds (lbs.) 6050 pounds (lbs.) 8.4” (inches) 28.9° (degrees)
Ford Ranger Super Crew (4×4) XL/XLT/Lariat 4441 Pounds (lbs.) 6050 Pounds (lbs.) 8.9” ( inches) 27.9° (degrees)

Here we can spectacle that the gross weight of the different kinds of models is of the exact amount. However, the curb weight difference is still present here.

Moreover, we also included some prime and basic information specifications for your aid. Furthermore, now we will learn a lot more about the magnitude capacity portions of each of the Ranger models.

How Much Is The Capacity of Each Ford Ranger Trucks? – How Much A Ford Ranger Can Take or Tow?

You will be quite glad to know that the Ford Rangers are very impressive and can carry a massive amount of weight.

Regardless of its gross weight of 6050 Pounds, it can tow with a large amount of weight, which exceeds its original gross weight. Besides, the towing weight will not overwhelm or affect your Ranger’s condition or work efficiency even a bit.

Therefore, almost all love to manage the task of towing using their Ranger pickups of Ford. Well, we cordially understand that you are having difficulty trusting this fact.

However, this is very much accurate. Finally, you will know why it is the truth, also the splendid hauling or towing capacity of the Ford nonetheless the weight.

Thus, let’s learn the capacity for which Ford Ranger truck is appropriate for your lifting tasks and you’ll love to utilize it in your tasks.

Model Composition Transport /Towing Capacity


Shipment Load/ Hauling Capacity (lbs.)
Ford Ranger Super Cab (4×2) XL/ XLT/ Lariat 7500- 1190 Pounds (lbs.) 1860 -2010 Pounds (lbs.)
Ford Ranger Super Cab (4×4) XL/XLT/Lariat 7500  – 1210 Pounds (lbs.) 1650 -3020 Pounds (lbs.)
Ford Ranger Super Crew (4×2) XL/ XLT/Lariat  7500 – 1190 Pounds (lbs.)  1770 – 2910 Pounds (lbs.)
Ford Ranger Super Crew (4×4) XL/XLT/Lariat  7500 – 1210 Pounds (lbs.)  1560 – 3020 Pounds (lbs.)

As we can already see that the towing capacity of the Ranger pickups exceeds its gross weight quantity.

Therefore, this durability is more likely will help you to drag and take away every heavy stuff to another faraway place. Also, we find the hauling configuration quite decent and durable enough to work on our projects smoothly.

Further, owning a small or mini-size truck with such great spectacular functional holding ability is amazing.

Besides, we helped you acknowledge the weight, and the operational features of two popular models of Ford Ranger. Thus, it will help you to select the proper one for yourself.

Ultimate Specifications of Ford Ranger Super Cab & Super Crew medium Pickup Truck

Among the Ford Ranger pickup trucks, two of the best and splendid model types are SuperCab and SuperCrew. Therefore, the two types consist of individual qualities and functionalities to make up for the customer’s needs.

Therefore, we approve that both of the models are very convenient as the Ford Ranger trucks provide the dual feature.

Also, the dual feature which is common in both models is that both fulfill some significant requirements. As we can utilize it like a car, a cab, a pickup, and a truck, so much for all in one. Moreover, it has versatile purposes and uses in your day-to-day life.

Thus, we acknowledge you with some exclusive features and functionalities of Ranger SuperCab and SuperCrew.

Ford Ranger SuperCab

Ford Ranger SuperCab

– It has four seats in both front, and rear back. The seats are quite bigger in proportions. So, it can smoothly take on six persons inside it.

– We can lay the seats to make the beds too. Therefore, the beds are much longer than average, as the inside of the car is spacious enough.

– For both frontal and rear back seats, the ranger has four doors. Moreover, the rear doors are wider for easier access inside the rear back seats.

– Further, the wheeler trim levels are available in all XL, XLT, and Lariat. The exclusive trim levels of wheelers make it more preferable for hauling or towing.

– Lastly, the towing, and hauling load capacity measurements are vigorously vast.

Ford Ranger SuperCrew

Ford Ranger SuperCrew

– Just like Ranger SuperCab, the Ford Ranger SuperCrew is exclusively developed carrying passengers, as well as hauling heavy equipment.

– Therefore, the interior seat, style is quite almost similar to the Super Cab. As the Super Crew has 4 front, and rear doors, also 6 big comfortable seats.

– Moreover, this is only available with high-end platinum Lariat wheeler trim level, also the standard upper trims levels.

– Further, the trim levels are not only designed with platinum Lariat trim levels. Also, we can choose to get access to the prime XL, XML, and so on.

– Finally, it is more impressive and affluent to manage both passengers, and heavy hauling or towing materials.

Thus, we can say that all of the things are regarding sizes and preferences. Therefore, weight is also a key feature. Since according to the weight we can measure the other qualities or capabilities of the Ford Ranger Trucks.

So, as we discussed the whole Ford Ranger Weights, Specifications, Configuration, and functionalities with proper experts information, and knowledge. We supposedly hope that it became very useful and you’ll be able to select the best one to do your procedures.


How much weight a Ford Ranger Truck can Payload or Tow?

All the individual models of Ford Ranger pickups can transport or tow more than the truck’s gross weight measure. Therefore, the load shipment capacity is also magnificent. As it can haul almost the same weight as big construction trucks.

On the Tons or kilogram scale, how much does a Ford Ranger Mini Pickup weigh?

If we choose to differentiate the gross weight of the Ranger Pickups, which is 6050 pounds. In kilograms, the gross weight is 2744.234 kg, and in US metric tons the gross weight is 3.025 tons.

Which Ranger model do I choose and buy to use for my towing processes?

You can take your moments are select in between Super Cab, and Super Crew trucks. As both of the models consist of individual functionalities and features. So, you can think through that and prefer the right model for your job.

Which trim levels are best in Ford Ranger Wheeler?

Well, the trim level quality is synced with your necessity. Therefore, both the Ford Ranger Super Cab and Super Crew have XL, XLT, and Lariat trim levels. Thus, depending on your specific requirements you can choose either of the three trim levels as the best one.

Does the Ford Ranger process with Premium Fuel Gas?

No, it is not essential to only use premium pure gas fuel in your Ranger Pickup. Therefore, the Ford Ranger engine will perform properly with some general type octane gas fuel as well.


Since Ford Ranger is gaining popularity and satisfying reviews from users around the globe. A large number of people are quite interested in getting Ford Ranger pickups for themselves.

Therefore, many questions are arising from everyone about the weight or configuration of the Ranger pickups. However, the most common concern is how much does a Ford Ranger weighs?

In this regard, we availed valid answers to the questions from some Ford Ranger user experts. So, you can be at ease while setting your mind to get the Ford Ranger Trucks.

Thus, in the following events, we will also be glad to ensure you with valid information about Ford Ranger.

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