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How to Change Front Shocks on f150

Shocks are responsible for dampening out vibrations of the suspension system of the ford. There are two types of conjunction in shocks; leaf type conjunction and coil type conjunction. Moreover, shocks are the hydraulic part of a vehicle.

Shocks usually make sure a smoother ride of a vehicle without rocking and rolling. So if you feel your ford bounces down on the slightest bump roads also, then there is a need to change the front shocks of your ford.

While looking at, “how to change front shocks on f150, there are two options. Either take the help of any professional or do it yourself. Yes, you can change the shocks of the vehicle by yourself and can save your money. If you want to know how then here is the complete method…

Step By Step Process, How to Change Front Shocks on f150

Step 1.

The uplift front part of your ford with the help of a jack. Remember always jacked-up vehicles with firm support or use a jack stand. After that remove the front tires of your vehicle, it will increase the place for your work.

Step 2.

Now with the help of a wrench, remove nuts that are present on the top of shocks. Use about 14 mm wrench for this process. However, the removal of rusty nuts is a difficult process.

So if your vehicle has rusty or very old nuts then you can take help from a nut breaker. A nut breaker will help to crack the nuts from shocks. In addition to this, you can use any plier’s rocks to hold the body of shocks.

Step 3.

For removal of the bolt that presents at the bottom of the shocks, there is a need for an 18mm wrench and socket. Furthermore, you can remove the bolt by using a hammer.

Step 4.

On new shocks install metal washers that you will get with new shocks purchase. Remember, you will install these metal washers on the top bolt of shocks. Furthermore, install a rubber cushion on the bolt of shocks also.

 Step 5.

The last step is to install new shocks in the mounts. After that, use another rubber cushion. Now use nuts on the top bolt of shocks. Tighten new nuts firmly until enough compression of rubber cushions. Now, it’s time to install the cross bolts from the bottom mount and shocks. Tighten them securely.

Instruments You need for a change of shocks of your f150

  • Jack and jack stand
  • 14-millimeter wrench
  • 18-millimeter wrench
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Nut breaking tool

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shocks are very important for f150 to maintain tires and drive smoothly. You may have some questions in your mind. Regarding change front shocks of f150. Let’s clear it for your easy and successful installation.

Can I change the shocks of my f150 myself?

Yes, you can change the shocks of your ford by yourself also. The process is not very complicated and also not requires any professional techniques. So you can do this process by yourself also and save a good amount of money.

How much it will cost the replacement of my older shocks?

For the replacement of older shocks, there are two main expenses. One is the expense of new shocks and the second is the expense of mechanic fees. You can avoid the second expense by doing the procedure by yourself. It will take little effort but not so hard. Good quality shocks are available in the 200$-250% price range.

Can I change all 4 shocks of my ford at the same time?

Yes, you can change. However, it is a good idea to change shocks in pairs.

What is the difference between shocks and struts?

Shocks and struts are different somehow. Shocks are the independent part of the vehicle while struts are the structural part of a suspension system. Moreover, the strut has spring integration to the entire assembly of suspension. On the other hand, shocks prevent your vehicle from oscillations.

Is there use of struts or shocks is ford?

In the Ford f150, there are both shocks and struts.

How I can replace the rear shocks of my ford

Here is the complete method of replacement of rear socks of a ford.

  • Uplift the truck with the help of a jack.
  • Remove all older nuts and bolts of your vehicle. Start from the lower bolt and then the upper bolt.
  • Now install cushions and steel washers on the top bolt and install rear shocks in the bracket.
  • Add another cushion and washer.
  • After tightening the nut firmly until full compression.
  • Now put new shocks in the bottom bracket and tighten the new bolts.


We try to provide complete information about, “how to replace shocks on ford f150?” Shocks are responsible for a smooth ride of your vehicle, so their replacement is necessary after some time. After following all the safety guidelines and proper methods of changing shocks, you can do this procedure by yourself and save your money.

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