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How To Check Ford focus Transmission Fluid – [ Experts’ Guideline ]

Checking and refilling Ford Focus transmission fluid is precisely a complex task. Unlike any other car parts, Ford Focus transmission systems are sealed with some complicated tools.

Therefore, as you want longevity and good performance then you must know how to check Ford focus transmission fluid properly.

Moreover, checking the transmission fluid as you need to keep it at the correct level would let your old Ford focus’s transmission perform just like a new one.

Further, if your Car’s transmission fluid level gets too low or high then it would create gear shifting problems and damage the transmission system.

Best Ways To Check How to Check Ford focus transmission fluid In Easy Steps

There is a various range of Ford Focus vehicles. Starting from Ford focus 2002 to Ford focus 2020, all of these models come with different transmission systems.

As a result, all of the individual models require different ways of checking transmission fluid. The biggest dissimilarity in each of the models is the transmission system.

The Ford Focus models can come with an automatic transmission functionality or manual transmission system. So, if you want to check the fluid level then you need separate steps for the automatic and manual transmission system.

how to check Ford focus transmission fluid

Differences of Ford Focus Automatic & Manual Transmission Fluid

Here are some major differences you need to know about checking automatic and manual transmission fluids:

Automatic Transmission Fluid

The automatic transmission system mostly requires assorted fluids. As automatic transmission doesn’t require that many components or fundamentals.

Thereby, the automatic transmission fluids are thinner than manual transmission fluids. Automatic transmission fluids mostly come in red or green color.

However, automatic transmission fluids generate more heat than manual transmission. So, you need to change automatic transmission fluids more frequently to avoid broken metal shavings in your transmission.

Most importantly, the automatic transmission system comes with a dipstick which allows you to check the fluid level. This means that you cab check automatic transmission fluid easily.

Manual Transmission Fluid

Manual transmission fluids are more complex and assorted. Manual transmission fluids are thick as they need to lubricate additional gear tools and other different compound fundamentals.

Furthermore, manual transmission fluids are more assorted because manual transmission systems create a high friction environment by changing gears continuously.

Additionally, measuring the manual transmission fluid level is quite hard as most of the manual transmission systems do not come with a dipstick.

Checking & Refilling Ford Focus Automatic Transmission Fluid

Warming Up The Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid levels can be checked in their operating temperature. You can warm up your transmission fluid to its operating temperature by driving the Ford focus for at least 20 miles.

Once the fluids are properly warmed up, you should park your Ford focus on a level area. You need to leave the engine running but remember to put parking brakes for safety.

Shifting Transmission Lever To Each Gear

Shift the transmission shifter to each gear. Leave the shifter in every gear for enough time so that it can function properly in every position before you shift it to the next level.

In this regard, you must press the brake pedal while changing gears for safety and release the brake only when the gear is shifted in parking mode.

Locating The Transmission Dipstick

This is step varies in different models of Ford focus. The dipstick can be located near the front of the engine compartment or below the radiator hose.

However, if the dipstick is located below the radiator hose then you need to move the radiator hose to any one side to locate it. If the dipstick is located in front of the engine section compartment. Then it will surely be situated in between the compartment of the battery and the engine block.

Pulling Out The Dipstick

You need to pull out the dipstick and clean it so that you can check your ford focus transmission fluid accurately. You have to pull out the dipstick from the dipstick tube and wipe it with a dry cloth or tissue.

Therefore, if you are using a cloth for this task then make sure that the cloth is lint-free. Also, wipe out the slender indicators in the same process after pulling out the dipstick. Make sure that there is no dumped fluid left in the dipstick before putting it back in its place.

Checking Transmission Fluid

There are levels of minimum (min) and maximum (max) in the dipstick. After pulling out the dipstick from the dipstick tube and cleaning it.

Then you just need to look through if the level is within the lowest (minimum) and highest  (maximum) marks. If it is not in the center then certainly the transmission fluid level is not proper.

Fill Fluid If It Is Not Full

If the fluid level is not in between the marks, then it is not properly maintained. But you can be assured that if the fluid level is low if the level is near the ‘minimum’ mark.

At this point, you have to fill fluid until its level reaches the center of these marks. You can use a funnel to fill fluid. Pour fluid in the hole of the dipstick and replace the dipstick at the same time.

Checking The Transmission Fluid Color

Transmission fluid comes in mostly pinkish, red, and sometimes green colors. If you find your fluid with these colors then you can be assured that the fluid is alright.

On the other hand, if the fluid becomes brown then it means that there are some major malfunctions in your car. You must seek technicians to help if this problem occurs.

Checking & Refilling Ford Focus Manual Transmission Fluid

Checking manual transmission fluid is exactly a hard task to complete individually. You need enough operating tools and technicians to help to do it. Here are the proper steps for this process.

Putting The Vehicle On A Hoist

Firstly, you need to place your car in a hoist position and turn off its engine. This is necessary as manual transmission fluids are checked from the beneath of the engine.

Disconnecting The Fluid Cooler Tube

You need to disconnect the fluid cooler tube from the fluid cooler along with its secondary latch to unlock the position so that you can install a fluid level indicator in that place.

Checking The Fluid Level

Now you can check the fluid level by installing the fluid level indicator. If the fluid is not at the proper level then you have to fill a certain amount of fluid till it reaches the right level.

Attaching Drain Hose With Fluid Cooler

A drain hose is needed to fill fluid to adjust it to a certain level. Attach the drain hose and start filling fluid with a pump. You have to stop filling fluid when the return hose pulsates.

Moreover, you can also adjust this hose pulsation by checking for restrictions in the pump. Experienced technicians can help you understand the fluid level in this process.

After checking and filling manual transmission fluid in these steps, you may install the fluid cooler tube and its secondary latch before running your car again.

Signs Of Ford Focus Transmission Fluid Problems

Here are some basic signs you can check if there are any problems with your Ford focus transmission fluid:

– The most ordinary or usual error sign is the gear shifting delay malfunction. This indicates a low transmission fluid level of your car engine.

– If the transmission fluid is not at the proper level then you may also notice weird noises while shifting gears. This would make you feel that your gears are catching while shifting. This also indicates that it needs more lubrication and fluid.

– You can feel the strange smell of fluid coming from the transmission system. This is the burning smell of fluid that occurs because of improper fluid levels.

– Transmission fluids leak the most when it requires replacement. There are very few chances of fluid leaks because of the transmission hose as this problem is mostly solved after changing transmission fluid.

How To Know If You Require A Transmission Fluid Replacement Or A Transmission Flush?

A transmission flush is more than just changing the fluid from the dipstick. It removes fluid from the pan, cooler line, and all other transmission components of your vehicle.

Therefore, you would need at least 10 quarts of fluid to perfectly flush and clean out the whole transmission system. If you facing more than normal gear shifting and fluid leaking problems then it is the right time for a transmission flush.

Further, we would also recommend a transmission flush if the transmission system contains specks of dirt and becomes dark in color. These specks of dirt and dark colors contain sediments that are extremely harmful to the transmission of your car.


How Can I Know Which Transmission Fluid I Should Use?

Check your car owner manual. It would recommend you the best transmission fluid along with a recommendation for the dipstick.

Should I Leave My Car Running When Adding Transmission Fluid?

The car engine must be running while adding transmission fluid. Though the engine is running, the transmission must be in the park along with hand brakes activated.

How Often Do I Check & Replace Transmission Fluid

You should check and change transmission fluid after running the car for every 30,000- 60,000 miles depending on your transmission problem occurrence.

Is It Safe To Flush Transmission Fluid?

Flushing transmission fluid is done with highly detergent products that can damage your engine clutches and cause them to slip. Besides, Flush is also known for aging away from the seals and leaking oil so, it is indeed not a good idea to flush your transmission fluid instead of just refilling fluid normally.

Final Verdicts

Now that you know how to check Ford focus transmission fluid, you can easily do it yourself with our enlisted steps. Remember to be cautious about overfilling the fluid level which can also cause huge damage to the transmission system.

Most importantly, make sure to choose the right fluid and dipstick for your transmission checking the fluid at its operational temperature only.

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