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A Simple & Effective Way to Clean Bugs From Your Car

Cleaning bugs off of a car is one of the most dreaded chores that people have. From bird droppings to insect larvae, it’s hard to keep the car clean without resorting to harsh chemicals. But using harsh chemicals has its own set of risks and disadvantages, so what’s the best way to clean bugs off a car without damaging it? Here are some tips on how to clean bugs off a car without resorting to harsh chemicals.

How to Clean Bugs Off Your Car

1. Use a Bug Scrubber:

A bug scrubber is a great way to clean bugs off of your car without resorting to harsh chemicals. They work by using high-powered suction to remove the bugs from your car surface. Some bug scrubbers have brushes that can be used to scrub the bugs off of the surface, while others use spinning disks or spinners on revolving surfaces that scrubs away at the dirt and debris .

2. Wash Surfaces with Vinegar and Water:

Using a mix of vinegar and water is an easy way to get rid of the bugs from your car’s surface area, as well as killing any germs that might be on them (bugs leave residual bacteria behind when they touch things). There are also offsprings of volunteers who recommend using bleach in boiling water which will kill most types bacteria but it can cause damage if not r insed immediately, and can be harmful to health.

3. Use a Vacuum Cleaner:

Another easy way to clean bugs off your car with literally just using a vacuum cleaner is amazing for cleaning the car’s interior or just getting rid of little dust bunnies all over it! Did you know that vacuuming really does work? If there are any signicant amounts of dirt on the surface area, brushes will come in handy or a sweeping brush may be used.

4. Use Windex Car Washing Products:

If detergents on the market are not suitable, then you can actually use their car washing fluid without water to have your cars looking just like they did when they took delivery new! Simply spray onto the surface and wipe immediately with wash scrubber or swifter if available to remove dirt from vehicle’s surfaces . To polish off clean vehicles, simply pour some Windex or other car wax on it and buff off with applicator or soft cloth.

5. Use Clay:

Simply substitute the word clay for baby powder to make a mixture that does much of the same thing and staying in place without moving around (use Baby Powder) ! To get rid of bugs, dry dirt , sweat etc one can use baby powder by itself, however if you want your car’s surface hard again simply apply a deterrent (clay can be used as a detergent).

6. Use Shampoo:

Make up mixture of liquid Pets shampoo and water, which will help to remove bugs from your car’s bodywork surfaces such as the roof etc., make sure that there is sufficient foam in it to cover any surface areas that may need attention when using vigorous scrubbing action with your sponge or wash cloths for extra cleaning power! Great idea for the windows!!

7. Wipe Down Undercarriage:

Use clothes to remove excess dirt and grime as if doing your human brother/sister!

8. Evaluation of Exterior Surfaces:

look for any missing parts, damage or physical deformations such as replacement bad body work on front or rear left fenders (lower one is most common) the roof ,windshield etc.. Take note: Paint & Metallic Sheet Stripper Removal Tools :

9. Clean Ears and Doors with Neat Mop W ipe:

This is a great for getting dirt and grime off of the INSIDE of your car’s bodywork by wiping with soft clean cloth in direction from where you are going to wipe it out. This helps stop any dirt & grease / bug being sucked deep into the car. For maximum effect, use Windex on an eraser! (instead of cotton).

10. Wipe Out Window Drivers and Visor Clips:

If bugs are finding their way into your car through the windscreen wipers, use a paper towel to push out all the water and then spray Windex onto it. Wipe off with another paper towel.


After reading this blog, you will know the best way to clean bugs off your car! No matter how dirty the bugs are, our guide will show you how to remove them with no damage done. By following the simple steps described in this post, you will clean your car in no time at all! Are you curious to know what other helpful blog posts we have? Keep checking back on our website because we keep adding new and helpful content that can help you with your various cleaning needs!


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