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How to Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Ford f150

Do you own the Ford F150? If you do, one thing that you should pay attention to is the mass airflow sensor. But what is the mass airflow sensor?

This is an extremely delicate sensor that uses two specific wires to measure up the amounts of air that flows into the F150 engine. These two wires are electrically heated. As they heat up, the ECU is consequently alerted on the amount of air that’s flowing past these wires.

To maximize the performance of the F150, this sensor must be cleaned. Let’s learn how to clean mass air flow sensor ford f150.

How to Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Ford F150: Step By Step Guide

Now that we have seen some of the reasons why you should clean the mass airflow sensor of your F150, let us take a look at how to do that. I will give you a step by step guide to giving you a better understanding of the whole MAF sensor cleaning process.

What You Need

Before you settle down to cleaning your mass airflow sensor, you have to set the tools that you need ready. Luckily for you, there are very few tools that you’ll require. They include the following:

  • Flat Headed Screwdriver
  • Quick-drying electronic cleaner

You can always buy the Tamper Proof Torx set bits so that you get the ideal head (size T-20) for the job.

Step I

Open the main cover to access your air box. This should be very easy to do. However, if you find it hard to locate, you should stop and find someone who understands the vehicle to do it for you. You can always ask a pal with a better experience.

Step II

Once you have opened the airbox, now you can move the main assembly up. This will give you some additional free space that you can use to easily work on your mass airflow sensor for the F150.

Step III

The next thing that you must now do is to locate the plug that is set on the very bottom part. You should then move the F150’s grommet down to create some additional space. Space will come in handy for easy movement.

Step IV

Take your flathead screws and use them to pop up the four main tabs that are holding in place the main mass airflow sensor assembly of the F150. This should allow you to have an easy reach to the wiring harness that holds the MAF.

Disconnect the wiring harness. Remember to be very careful so that you don’t rip anything that’s attached to this system.

Step V

Once you have SAFELY removed the main assembly, you can then identify the mass airflow sensor and unscrew the two screws that are holding it down.

Step VI

Now spray the wires with the electronic cleaner. Do not touch these wires. They are very small, and any mistake could easily lead to breakage. If this happens, you will be spending an extra 200 dollars for every one of them.

Step VII

You should be through. The next thing that you should now do is reinstall the mass airflow sensor. Follow these steps in reverse (starting with step V – I). Your mass airflow system will be ready to work by the end of it.

Why Clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor (F150)

Well, the main reasons as to why you should clean the mass airflow sensor of your F150 are these.

  • Cleaning the MAF reduces pinging
  • Cleaning the MAF increases mileage
  • It also prevents the system from burning out
  • Cleaning the MAF saves money and time

As such, between looking at the fine dirt and perfecting the trends towards your oiled filters, it is very vital that you spare some time and clean the mass airflow sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With that said and done, we can now look into some vital questions that you can always look into when working with the F150 mass airflow sensor.

How Often Should I Clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor of the F150?

It is recommended that the mass airflow sensor of the F150 Ford should be cleaned once every six months. You can also clean the mass airflow sensor shortly just after you’ve installed or reinstalled an air filter that’s filled with oil.

What Substance Can I Use to Clean my Mass Air Flow Sensor?

You must only use an ELECTRICAL CONTACT CLEANER for your mass airflow sensor. The other thing that you can use is the MASS AIRFLOW CLEANER. Apart from that, do not use any other substance to clean your MAF. Don’t be cheated into using a carb cleaner, brake cleaner, or rubbing alcohol.

How effective is the Mass Air Flow Sensor after the tune-up?

The mass airflow sensor of the Ford F150 should be very efficient after the tune-up. That’s why it is very able to take you for up to six months before you require any other type of tune-up for the same.


So, do you know how to clean mass airflow sensor ford f150? This guide has been of help, I believe. While it might seem really simple, the process is, but it requires care. You shouldn’t rush into cleaning the wires or removing the mass airflow sensor.

Rather, you should take your time to go through every process patiently so that you can avoid any mishaps. For someone who is just starting off, going with this simple guide will save you so much hassle.

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