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How to Fix Service AdvanceTrac Ford Fusion: Facts to Know

The term “AdvanceTrac” may sound unfamiliar to you, but you can assume that it tracks in advance. If you have a Ford Fusion vehicle, you may notice warning lights, and that’s called the AdvanceTrac service.

However, it’s an illuminator that turns on when there’s a safety issue in your car; so, it can be dangerous if it damages. Learn how to fix service AdvanceTrac Ford Fusion and how to check it.

Ford Fusion has the easiest ways to fix its service AdvanceTrac or Control Traction. This article will let you know all about this feature, including some FAQs.

If you don’t get it fixed on time, you may not get the necessary safety alerts; thus, you will meet a deadly accident.

How to Fix Service AdvanceTrac Ford Fusion:

how to fix service AdvanceTrac Ford Fusion

If you have bought your Ford vehicle’s second generation, after 2013, you can fix the service AdvanceTrac without taking a mechanic’s help. Follow these steps to fix the problems in the control track:

– If your car’s battery loses a lot of energy, charge it again; if it is out of service, replace it.

– Check the fuse box if the battery is okay; if no other fuse is damaged, change the three bolts. Two of the three bolts are 10mm, and one bolt is 14mm; the more massive bolt stays at the top, and the smaller two bolts remain beside each other, making a triangle.

– You can also replace each fuse from the box; replacing the battery, bolts, and fuses can fix the service AdvanceTrac. 90% car’s Control track recovers.

You can change the soft codes to repair the system; it works in the Ford Fiesta, but can be useful for Ford Fusion.

– Detach the negative wire keeping the engine running on; wait for 5-minutes at least. Turn off the engine and readjust the wire carefully after five minutes. You may then start your car and monitor; if you’re lucky, this procedure will work.

– The last and most complicated problem your AdvanceTrac may have is issues with the sensors. If it happens, you should take your vehicle to a professional person who can fix the electric sensors.

Follow these steps, and you may use the manual to learn how to fix Service AdvanceTrac.

What Does the AdvanceTrac Do in the Ford Fusion: the Purposes

The tracking tool mostly signals you due to loose wiring inside your vehicle; the light remains on until you tighten the wires. It’s not an automatic signal; you have to turn it on while driving.

Moreover, it will let you know if there is a problem with your car’s brakes, risky turning points, errors in the steering wheel, etc. It may also track a defect in the wheels; the AdvanceTrac also helps you drive on a slippery road.

The more updated tracking skill your vehicle has, the safer your ride will be; the recently manufactured cars have highly configured AdvanceTrac service.

Do All Ford Fusion Generations Have AdvanceTrac?

As you know that the Ford Fusion has two generations; the first generation time range is (2006-2012), and the second generation timeframe is (2013-2020). On the contrary, the cars manufactured from 2010 have an AdvanceTrac service.

That means the last editions of Ford Fusion 1st generation and the 2nd generation vehicles have this feature installed. When you’re buying it and giving a test drive, check if the function is properly working or not.

What Should You Check if the Service AdvanceTrac Keeps Signaling?

When you see a warning on the dash screen, you should check some spots step by step to identify the problem.

– Have a look at the wiring harness, and if the wires are loose, disconnect, and reconnect them. But if your wires are entirely okay, move on to check the other problems if you’re still getting messages.

– Take a high-quality but straightforward OBDII Scanner, a scanning software to detect other problems.

– Check the ABS module that can check the disturbing cables; remember, the ABS module is directly connected to the service AdvanceTrac.

– It may also indicate if the fuel is somehow running out or the fuse is burned. If your tract control has no problem, it will stop signaling after solving the issues.

Unfortunately, if your car’s Service AdvanceTrac breaks down, it will either keep illuminating or stop indicating despite having an error. Moreover, you will face problems with power steering and flickers.

How Can You Fix the Control Track Without Using Screw?

Sometimes, you may don’t feel like using screws and opening the deck to fix your car. You can apply another method to fix it; do it step by step.

– Get the ignition key to check if it’s correctly functioning; insert it through the Keyhole, and start the car.

– You will see that the dash shows some problems in the AdvanceTrac; you will press the brake paddle in the next step.

– Turn the key clockwise for 3-times while pressing the paddle with your legs; wait for two seconds, and don’t do anything else at that time.

– Turn the key towards the left direction or anticlockwise three times after two seconds. You will see that the AdvanceTrac is not showing any notification, and it’s fixed. This easy method is available for the first generation Ford Fusion (2012).

The primary advantage you will have in this method is you won’t need any extra equipment and safety wears to do it; moreover, it’s not time-consuming.

Some Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)

How Can I Turn off My Ford Fusion’s AdvanceTrac Service?

You will see a switch beside the driving seat that turns on and off the traction control; the stability control switch directs it. However, press the button to turn off the AdvanceTrac two times.

After pressing it for the first time, you will see two graph-like pictures; you should press the button again and restart the engine too.

What Does It Mean if the Traction Light Turns on?

When you start the car, the traction light may automatically turn on and immediately turns off. If the light remains on while driving, your vehicle is having some issues or an error in the system.

Is It Too Expensive to Change or Repair the Service AdvanceTrac Switch?

The switch’s maximum price, fuse, or relevant things cost around ($40-$42); thus, you can repair it within ($80-$90). Improving the traction control is not so expensive; if you take your vehicle to a mechanic, he may charge you some dollars.

Is It Safe to Drive a Car with a Defective AdvanceTrac?

The traction control switch problem is a minor issue; you may get your vehicle out with the error. It’s not very risky if you drive with a Service AdvanceTrac error; it will malfunction and won’t indicate anything when needed.


Though the Ford Motors Company has decided to discontinue the Ford Fusion, if you’ve decided to get one, you can. It would help if you learned how to fix service AdvanceTrac Ford Fusion to maintain your safety.

Please don’t take this feature lightly, and repair it when necessary because it ensures your safety. Watch the YouTube tutorials and get enough logistics so that you don’t have to depend on others.

However, the more facilities you get from your vehicle, the more careful you should be about its maintenance. I hope you have a pleasant experience with your car and safe journeys every time; use each function your Ford has.

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