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How to Make F250 Ride Smoother – [ How to See ]

how to make F250 Ride smoother

The suspension system in F250 is used to provide comfort to passengers and drivers during the drive. A suspension system provides comfort throughout bumpy rides and during sharp turns.

Ford F250 is an off-road vehicle, and its suspension is a little bit hard as compared to cars. So during your drive to typical routes, you can feel rapid vibrations or jitters. So here the question arises, “how to make F250 ride smoother?”

 So when looking at how to make the F250 ride smoother, then here are numerous solutions for this problem. Here are some tips and techniques to make your F250 ride smoother.

  • Soften the suspension system
  • Adjustable Shocks
  • Reduce the unsprung mass of your Ford F250
  • Elimination of the vibrations
  • Modify the Chasis
  • You can change the wheels and tires of your vehicle

Soften the suspension system

The first and foremost solution that comes to the mind of owners of ford about how to make a ride smoother is to soften the suspension system of vehicles. According to my personal experience with Ford F250, it is the most reliable method also.

So whenever you plan to increase the drive quality of your ford, then go for a softened suspension system. A softened suspension system usually absorbs most of the jitters and gives an immediate solution to a smooth ride.

Now the question is, “How to make F250 Ride Smoother,?”

The answer to this question is…

  • Replace your vehicle’s older shock absorbers with lightweight pair.
  • Replace the spring of your F250 with a softer set.

Lightweight shock absorbers will give comfort during drive with fewer jitters and bumps. On the other hand, a lower-rated leaf spring also makes the suspension system softer and plays a major role in the smoother ride of your ford.

Adjustable Shocks:

The other thing you can do, if you want a complete all-around smoother ride is “adjustable shocks.” Adjustable shocks provide full air suspension on typical rides. Moreover, adjustable shocks will allow you to adjust your ride height to get proper firmness. You can increase and decrease the firmness and ride height of your ford.

Reduce the Unsprung mass

Another solution, if you want a smoother ride of your vehicle is reducing the unsprung mass of your vehicle. Usually with the reduction of unsprung mass and soften of the suspension system, you can get a comfortable drive without shake and bumps.

For the reduction of the sprung system, you can reduce the overall mass of your vehicle all components. When wheels and suspension systems will less in weight there will be less unsprung mass and automatically you can enjoy terrain-free rides.

Chassis Modification

Chassis is the base framework of your vehicle. In heavy vehicles, usually many accessories connect to the tires of vehicles. If all the parts in connection with tires show less flexibility, you can face unbalanced issues in your vehicle in rough routes.

So there is a need for flexibility in-vehicle-connected accessories to tires. In this case, the most recommended way is the modification of the chassis of your vehicle. You can do the following things for chassis modification;

  • Shaving of components made with aluminum, carbon fiber, and ceramic.  For instance, you can do the shaving of the axle shaft of your ford. This shaving will lead you towards the unsprung mass of your vehicle and ultimately towards a smoother ride of your F250.
  • You can replace heavy brake parts with lightweight brake parts.

Replace anti vibrations parts

If you feel there are too many vibrating feels during the ride, then inspect the anti-vibration parts of your ford. You can replace anti-vibration parts and can use new body bushings. There are mainly two methods for elimination of vibrations from your ford;

  • Firstly, if you are not comfortable with replacing anti-vibration parts, there is another solution. You can double stack rubber on the coil spring of your vehicle. However, to avoid the noise of rubbers, you can do greasing of coil springs before setting them.
  • Secondly, what you can do to avoid vibrations during a ride, is rubber pucks in driving shafts. Simply install rubber isolators in the steering column in your driveshaft.
  • Thirdly, you can use rubber strips on your driving seat and on the floor of your ford. Rubber strips will provide a less shaky and more cushioning effect.

Replace the Wheels and tires of your Ford

The last answer to this question, “how to make ford f250 ride smoother, is to change the wheels and tires of your ford. The recommended measurement for wheels is 18 diameters with a 7-inch width maximum. Moreover, narrow and lightweight tires are highly recommended for a smoother ride of a ford. Lightweight wheels are preferred because heavyweight vehicles are not able to provide smooth rides because of puffed-out unsprung mass.

In addition to this, we will also not recommend going for the choice of low-profile tires. Low profile tires may give ease to driving; however, they can compromise the comfort of your ride. The reason behind this is low profile tires have small proportions and harder sidewalls, which do not absorb turbulence rides.

The other recommended things always use inflation pressure less than recommended. Hard tires with enough inflation pressure give shaky feels during rides. On the other hand, softer tires with normal inflation pressure give a cushioning effect during the ride.

How long I can use shocks on F250?

It depends on the riding hour and the condition of your shocks. If you have damaged shocks then you can replace them immediately. However, usually, you can use your new shocks between 80 K- 100 miles.

Can adjustable suspension make my ford less stable?

This is the most common question that can come to your mind while thinking about suspension adjustment. There are usually two things to consider; for the strong stability of your vehicle suspension should be stiff, but for a comfortable ride, there is a need for softening the suspension. So what to do?

No doubt, this balance is difficult to achieve but not impossible. With the help of any professional, you can achieve this balance for your vehicle which will not compromise the stability of your vehicle.

Can I use airbags to make F250 ride smoother?

Yes! You can use airbags for a smoother ride of your ford. However, you can also take help from leaf springs. Here we will recommend to instead of using airbags, go and grab new leaf springs for smoother rides as leaf springs are the cheaper option than airbags.


Hope you will become able to find a solution, “how to make f250 ride smoother?”  However, if you want adjustment with your vehicle then we will recommend you to get help from any professional after deciding which method will suit your vehicle most.

The reason is a professional knows complete check and balance and will help you to attain a smoother ride without compromising the performance of your vehicle.

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