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Do You Know How to Manually Move a Power Seat Ford Fusion?

Suppose the button that controls the power seat is not working; what will you do? If you’re having a Ford vehicle and having a problem with the front seat, you must learn how to manually move a power seat ford expedition.

However, you may want to sit in a comfortable position while driving, and anyone sitting on the front seat can relax too. Moreover, if you’re going to send anyone in the backseat, you have to move the power seat.

Many of us face problems with our Ford’s power seat movement and control switch. That’s why learn to move it manually in different methods; you can also sort out your problems.

This article will let you know all methods to move the power seat and answer all the queries.

How to Manually Move a Power Seat Ford Fusion without Detaching it?

How to Manually Move a Power Seat Ford Fusion

If you don’t feel safe removing the power seat and change the position, you may do your task; make sure your car allows it. Here are the steps to change the front seat’s position:

  • Gather the necessary tools to fix the power seat without bringing it down; the equipment list is:
  • A power drill,
  • A drive ratchet ( ¼ inch)
  • A square bit socket ( ¼ inch),
  • Lastly, a vise-grip is essential.
  • Bend down and look for the power seat assembly under the driving seat; you will find 3-4 motors there.
  • Find out the cables and disconnect those with the power drill; each motor is connected to a particular line.
  • Determine the cables that move the power seat back and forth; move the driving chair and set it on the desired space.
  • The drive ratchet and vise-grip are substitutes for each other; mount one of them at the metal end. Please ensure that the screws are tight; otherwise, the cables will slip due to a loose connection.

After you have moved the power seat, you should detect the switch’s actual error, creating a problem in changing positions. The possible problems in the driving seat power switch are:

  • Busted or problematic switch,
  • Shorted motors or burnt motors, and
  • The damaged device around the back.

After setting the front power seats in a comfortable position, you should focus on repairing the seat’s defect. Moving a power seat this way consumes a lot of time; therefore, you can’t change positions daily.

But unfortunately, all models don’t allow this method; sometimes, you may have to bring down the power seat and fix everything to move it manually.

How to Move the Electric Seat Manually of Ford f150 or Ford Escape?

Suppose you want to go for a clumsy way to fix your electric or power seat and don’t want to hire someone. Let me show you how to move the driving chair manually, where you have to remove the core.

However, I will not suggest you apply this method if you have a winder with you. Fixing the cables and screws with a winder is pretty easier than removing the driving seat.

  • First of all, collect the ingredients you will need; the compulsory and optional necessary things are:
  • A screwdriver (an essential item),
  • A pair of pliers if you don’t want to use a drill,
  • A knife or scissors,
  • Bolt cutters as an optional item,

Wear Gloves, an apron, safety glass, etc. for your safety.

  • Wear safety goggles, an apron, gloves, and boots to be prepared for your task; you must wear protection items because you have to work with some inner mechanism.
  • Turn off the engine and remove the car batteries before releasing your vehicle’s seat; otherwise, you may face a sudden accident.
  • Detach the chair sear or open the rear with a sharp knife or scissors; a knife is more suitable for this.
  • Your next target will be to get access to the elongate shaft; you have to remove the car’s post after removing the seat for that. Once you have removed the chair, cut the mesh with bolt cutters or pliers if you don’t have bolt cutters.
  • Once you’ve got the elongated beam, you may place it at your desired angle; you can move the seat back and forth. You’re supposed to move the shaft to the left if you want the chair forward.
  • On the other hand, you should move the shaft in the right direction if you want to lead the seat backward.
  • After placing the shaft, readjust the mesh and chair on their respective spots; go on a test ride after moving and setting the power seat.

Remember, you have to take your vehicle to a shop or showroom to fix the problem by a professional person permanently. The solution you have created is a temporary one; that is not well enough for the power seat.

How Does a Power Seat Usually Work: Find out the General System

The power seat functions through a switch; that button is located near the center. You have to press the controller, and it will control the power seat’s movement. Anyway, the power button is directly connected to the battery or electric system.

However, if your power supplying battery runs out or any problem occurs with the switch, you have to move the seat manually. Well, driving the front chair without a button is not as easy as controlling it.

Which Cars Have a Power Seat Function Except for the Ford?

The Ford Motors Company is not the only one that provides power seat function in the cars. Let me show you some more branded vehicles that have comfortable driving chairs and an accessible controlling system.

  • The Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Buick
  • Honda
  • Chrysler
  • Lincoln
  • Audi, etc.

They are the most renowned brands having power seats; moreover, some cars have memory seats too. Memory seats can remember two different settings of the front chair and work according to it.

Remember, each brand has a different system to control the driving seat; so, follow the manual to learn the exact method.

Do All Ford Vehicles Has the Same System to Move the Front Seat?

The manufacturers have set some standard configurations in each car model of their company; the power seat is one feature. Moreover, the front or driving chair movement system is almost the same in all cars.

You may watch tutorials of power seat moving procedures of different branded cars on YouTube. For instance, Audi, Toyota, and Ford use the same method to control the power seat.

However, the Ford Explorer, Ford Escape, Ford Focus (the latest version), Ford Fusion(the recent 2-generations), Ford f150 have the same features, including power seat movement.

Is It Too Expensive to Repair Your Power Seat?

No, power seat repairing is not costly at all; you can get your car checked after you’ve moved the seat manually. Moreover, if you find a problem with your switch or power button, you can replace it.

The switch costs between $50-$250; the price depends much on your vehicle’s model.


Sit in a comfortable position while driving, and move your seat back and forth when necessary. On the other hand, you can also move the seat beside yours if anyone sits next to you on the journey.

The problems in the power seat may seem minor, but it’s not; so, take your car for servicing whenever you notice anything unusual. Moreover, you should know how to manually move a power seat ford explorer, if you own one.

Thus, you can treat your car primarily if you don’t get a chance instantly to take it to the showroom. You may have understood the importance of the vehicle manual; keep that around you to use it when necessary.

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