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How to Open Ford Fusion Hood: [ Simple Guide for New Drivers ]

There are many reasons why you may choose to open up the hood of your car. These reasons can stretch from simple check-ups, mechanical problems to even dead batteries or lack of engine coolant.

Whichever the reason for wanting to open up the hood of your vehicle, it is important that you learn how to open the vehicle’s hood in the right way. If you are a new driver, stick close by as I give you a great start by showing you how to open ford fusion hood.

While the other vehicles may work differently, the general mechanism remains the same when you want to open up the hood of your car. The hood is also called the car’s bonnet from several other quarters.

how to open ford fusion hood

How to Open Ford Fusion Hood

Like with the other car models, there is an art to the opening and the closing of the ford fusion’s hood or bonnet in the right way. And hopefully, by the end of this smart guide for newbies, you’ll have grasped the art of doing it too. Please take a look at what I have prepared for you.

How to Open Ford Fusion

Step I: Turn Your Engine Off

Before you try to open the hood of your ford fusion, you must, first of all, turn the engine off. This is very important. To do that, you should first turn off the handbrakes of your car and then follow up by turning off the engine. The engine is turned off when the ignition sits at the “off” position.

Step II: Allow the Engine to Cool

Once the engine is turned off, you should give it up to 10 minutes to cool off. This is very important if you were driving. However, if you were not driving and the engine wasn’t running, you can proceed to the next step.

Step III: Pull the “Opening” Lever

The next step in how to open the ford fusion hood is now to identify the “opening” lever. This lever is found under the dashboard. You can identify it by looking closely at the dashboard. The lever is marked by an open hood. Reach for it and pull it.

Once you pull out this lever, the bonnet of your ford fusion will open but not completely. The lever only releases the latch that holds the bonnet in place when driving.

Step IV: Step Out and Lift the Bonnet Open

When the latch that holds the bonnet is triggered, the next thing that you should do is to get out of the car and head to the bonnet. You can then pull the bonnet up slightly. At this point, the bonnet will still be hooked to the latch. However, you will have a slight space that your fingers can fit through.

Now fit your fingers through and feel the release latch. Slide the release latch to set free the bonnet. At this point, the bonnet will be free to move. You can then open it up fully. Once it is in an open position, you can hold it using the stopper rod.

Step V: Go Ahead and Check

Whatever the reason you had for opening the ford fusion hood, you can now go ahead and do that. You can check the battery terminals or clean the oil spillage. This will be very easy once the hood is off the way.

Step VI: Close the Ford Fusion Hood

If you are done with what you are doing, it is time to put the hood down. To do that, you will hold up the hood with one hand and then release the strut with the other free hand. Once this is done, you can then let the car bonnet come down slowly.

Allow the hood to reach about a foot high from its lowest position and drop it. This will push the latch away and, subsequently, lock the hood in place. Try to check if the hood is in its proper position by pulling it up a little. If it retains its place, then it is safe.


If you have confirmed that the hood is safely locked, you can then get back inside the car, set the car at neutral, start your care, and then release the handbrake to start driving again.


Now that we have seen the guide, it is also important to highlight other important aspects of the car hood opening by focusing on the following questions.

What Other Reasons Might Prompt You to Open Your Car’s Hood?

Apart from the reasons that I told you at the very beginning of this post, you might again need to open the bonnet of your car to check:

  • Washer fluid
  • Engine oil levels
  • Steering fluid levels
  • Brake fluid levels

Whichever the reason, this guide shows you the best way to do that. It is easy to follow and will leave you with the best results too.

Are there any precautions that I should take when opening the hood?

When learning how to open the ford fusion hood, you should watch out for the latch. Make sure that you release it before your prop the hood open. Next, you must also ensure that there isn’t any strong wind when you are opening the hood. Finally, when you are closing the hood, don’t be in a rush.

Can I Push the Hood Down to Lock It?

While some people might advise you to do that, the answer is simple. NO! Do not push the hood to lock it. If you do that, the bonnet of the car might easily dent and, as a result, deface the ford fusion.


Well, for those new drivers who wanted to learn how to open a ford fusion hood, that’s how easy it is. However, if there is still a grey area that you need some clarification on, feel free to contact us. We will be of help.

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