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Things to Know about How to Put Car in Neutral with Dead Battery

Batteries are essential for cars, especially for those who have automation systems in their vehicles. Opening the car’s door, safety alert, interior lights, etc. need a minimum 12V battery installed.

Choose the best-branded cars with the best batteries, but know How to Put Car in Neutral with Dead Battery. Moreover, get introduced to all the factors affecting your vehicle’s neutral mode.

However, doing it may sound clumsy, but you can put your car in neutral in multiple ways. Get introduced to each method, and clear your relevant confusions reading this article.

How to Put Car in Neutral with Dead Battery When the Key Is with You?

how to put car in neutral with dead battery

You will be lucky if you have the vehicle’s key when the battery goes flat. It becomes easy to convert your car in manual or neutral mode with its access; follow these steps.

– First of all, you should try to apply the parking brakes because it doesn’t depend on the battery. Therefore, you may press the parking brakes to prevent the car’s movement before setting it to neutral.

– If you can’t handle the brakes, you may press the neutral gear; you may shift to it, only holding the pack in many cars.

– Once you’ve leveled up the parking brake, you should turn on the ignition. It’s relatively easy; you should put the key into the ignition and turn it clockwise.

– Please don’t remove your foot from the brake paddle, and pull the shift lock to disengage it. Disengagement gets more accessible when you continually keep pressing on the paddle.

– If you can’t make the shift lock detached, you can use a screwdriver to do that. Find a hole or space to insert it through the console and remove it. Thus, you can directly shift your car to the neutral gear option.

Renowned Cars Having Batteries Inside: Check the List

Maximum cars that have modern features hold batteries inside; here are the top car brands having batteries:

– Toyota Corolla

– Honda Pilot, Honda Accord

– Dodge

– Ford Escape, Ford Focus


– Mazda-3.

Best Service Providing Batteries for Cars

Get introduced to the best car batteries to choose a suitable one for your car.

  • DieHard Batteries.
  • NAPA
  • Kirkland
  • Optima
  • AC Delco
  • Duralast

Choose a battery among those brands, but make sure your car supports the chosen battery and delivers the best performance.

Why a Car’s Neutral Mode Is Necessary?

The primary reason for putting your vehicle in neutral is, shifting it from automatic mode to normal when the battery dies. Sometimes, your car’s brake may not work; you can swap to neutral gear.

Anyway, you may convert to the neutral mode if you want to use the car’s key instead of automation. However, you shouldn’t turn off the auto mode if you’re crossing a slope or hilly road.

Because your car may not stand still and keep sliding through a sloped surface in the manual mode, it’s risky. Moreover, using a neutral way consumes more fuel (petrol, gas, diesel) in a car.

Can You Put Your Car in Neutral When You Don’t Have the Key?

It may sound surprising, but you can put the vehicle in neutral even if you don’t have the keys with you. It’s quite risky because you have to go under the car to block the wheels.

– Slide and crawl under the car; position the wheel blocks to prevent its sliding.

– Take a torch or flashlight to find the transmitter under the car; you will find it below the engine spot.

– You will see a cable on the transmitter’s right side with a lever; you have to disconnect the cable. Moreover, you have to push the lever to the car’s ending point to complete your task.

– Lastly, you should check if the wheel blocks are set correctly or not; the vehicle won’t move until you push the car. If you make it go, you will see the blocks are still in their places, and the car will move in the right direction.

Do All Cars Have the Same System of Shifting to Neutral?

If you research and analyze maximum car features, most vehicles have almost the same system. Remember, you should have a look at the manufacturers’ instructions before taking a step.

Some four-wheelers allow you to hold the gear and activate the neutral mode; on the other hand, some need the ignition’s activation and parking brakes. However, let me show you how to put a specific branded car in neutral.

How to Put the Ford Escape Car in Neutral if the Battery Dies: 4-Steps

Follow these steps to activate neutral mode in your vehicle (Ford Escape):

  • At first, turn off the park and ignition when you notice your car’s dead battery.
  • Next, press the parking brake and pop the gearshift console’s cover with a tool to find the small white lever.
  • Draw the white manual park switch backward while holding the neutral gear. Put the cap back in its place after shifting your car to neutral.
  • Release the pressure from your brake paddle, and start your car manually with your hands on the steering.

How Can You Push a Car After Putting It in Neutral?

You may sit on the driving seat, hold the steering wheel, and press the neutral gear and the brakes. Meanwhile, you may take someone’s help to push your car from behind; he may put his force to move the vehicle.

Sometimes, pushing is unnecessary to move your car; if you haven’t put wheel blocks, your vehicle may automatically move or slide. If it happens, you should keep the keys with you; otherwise, someone else may open the doors and steal your car.

Is It Necessary to Toeing Your Car Before Putting in Neutral?

The answer is YES; you should toe the front or driving wheels before putting your vehicle in neutral. If the 4-wheels are somehow off the ground, you don’t even need to neutral it.

On the contrary, if you don’t have the car keys with you, and the battery is dead, you have to lift the front 2-wheels off the ground. Moreover, you’re supposed to go under the car and adjust the transmitter.

Going under the car without toeing the wheels is risky, and the transmitter may damage too. Therefore, make sure that you’ve lifted your vehicle enough before fixing the transmitter.

How Can I Charge My Car’s Dead Battery?

Get a functional car’s charged battery beside the dead battery and some jumper cables to set the dead one. Next, wear some safety goggles and hand gloves; moreover, check the charged battery’s type.

Connect the positive corners of both batteries; later, join the negative charge points with cables. Attach the other end of the opposing line with a grounded metal; start both cars with the batteries connected.

Let the battery charge, and keep the car started for 5-minutes, at least. Disconnect the batteries once they are set, and the engines started at reverse that you connected.


If you read the whole article, you can understand how to put a car in neutral with a dead battery. Moreover, you can solve your other problems regarding a car’s dead battery and take the necessary steps.

However, you should follow each step and tip to recharge the battery and operate the vehicle with the flat one. Please don’t forget to check the manual before removing a part from your 4-wheelers.

Anyway, buy cars with advanced features so that you can easily handle them if any problem arises.

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