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How to Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Key Ford Mustang?

Losing the lock key of the ignition lock cylinder doesn’t mean, it cannot be unlocked anymore. Since we found an affluent way for how to remove ignition lock cylinder without key ford mustang for anyone there facing this mishap.

The ignition lock cylinder mechanism is an essential mechanical part of starting any vehicle. Whereas, if the ignition key gets missing or damaged, it leads to great trouble. As a consequence, you get no option but to replace the ignition lock cylinder and attach a new one.

With the ignition key, separating the ignition lock cylinder is quite simple. However, if you lose the key somehow, you can still successfully remove the ignition lock cylinder with a screwdriver. So, let us get ahead and learn about the easiest guidelines for removing the ignition cylinder without a key for mustang.

How to Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Key Ford Mustang?

how to remove ignition lock cylinder without key ford mustang

Finally, the best way possible method to remove the ignition lock cylinder without a key for Ford Mustang is here for you. Then we will swiftly replace the steering wheel lock cylinder as well. Therefore, while you imitate the steps, be careful enough as you might damage the steering wheel lock cylinder.

Firstly, there are some tiny, cheap but essential tools and equipment you will need for removing tasks.

  • Heavy-duty square head screwdriver or a Flathead screwdriver.
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Regular drill hammer
  • Straight plastic clip
  • New ignition lock cylinder with keys
  •  Now the steps are:

First make sure you disconnected the battery power supply of the car, to ensure precise safety.

  • Take the heavy-duty screwdriver and push it into the ignition lock cylinder. If the screwdriver cannot get in the cylinder, use the hammer to tap it inside. Also do not put much force on the hammer or it will fully break into the cylinder.
  • Now, take the adjusting wrench in your hand and utilize it to turn the screw clockwise and right to keep the ignition lock cylinder in the on position.
  • After that underneath the steering wheel, there are two-hole slots and a pin button-like part in it. Push that pin, and wiggle out the cylinder.
  • Thus, the ignition lock system is removed from the steering wheeler. Then put the new Lock cylinder in the ignition lock slot.
  • The new Lock cylinder might not get inside smoothly, so wiggle it in the clockwise position a few times.

Well, as you are seeing it doesn’t require drilling, and push down the pin inside it. You just need to find the right spot of the ignition cylinder from where it will come loose. Also, you kind of need to repeat the same in the insertion of a new cylinder lock.

Specific Types of Ignition Lock Cylinder System – Start-Up Security for Automobiles

An ignition lock cylinder in your vehicle is a standby lock function of a car. That is if you do not undo the lock with a particular ignition key. You will be unable to unbolt the engine system and start the car.

Thereby, the ignition lock system has three individual variations, that we utilize in every automobile car.

The Coil Plug-in Ignition System This ignition system operates using a battery, and a single lock cylinder. This does not process with multiple ignition coils and cylinders like the rest lock ignition types. That is why it is also known as Battery Ignition System for automotive cars.

Automotive Distributor-Less Ignition Lock System The regulation of this kind of ignition lock is unique. The whole start-up, and lock security system is based on the computer and artificial intelligent sensor. It utilizes a wide number of ignition coils and spawns sparks in the cylinder to process in automotive cars.

Electronic Ignition Lock SystemFinally the electronic ignition lock feature that Ford manufacturer loves to utilize in thief automobiles. This ignition system process with the electric shaft timing operators in the ignition point and also in the mechanical parts. The ignition key works like a module distributor giving signals and controlling.

How Does The Lock Ignition Cylinder Process? – Ignition Mechanism of Car

In advance, we should know the ignition lock cylinder functionality of the car. That way, it will be much smoother for us to remove it.

Therefore, knowing the essential specification of the ignition will let us understand that we must replace it carefully.

  • The ignition lock cylinder is an automatic start-up function with an anti-theft system. That is inside the ignition switch there is an electronic element locking the ignition cylinder. Until you insert the ignition key inside it you cannot unlock and start the car.
  • Moreover, the ignition feature operates through the electric powered module control. That will release the flow of electricity in the lock cylinder then the car will activate.
  • As the Ford is an automobile vehicle without the ignition lock cylinder security people can easily unlock it, and steal it.
  • Further, the ignition lock feature has three types, and the Ford Mustang processes with the Electronic Ignition Lock Cylinder system.

How to Fix Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Key Ford Mustang?- Some Pro Tips & Guidelines

As you are right here, that means you lost the ignition key of your car. Not to worry, you do not need to trouble yourself with replacing the whole ignition part from the car. The ignition lock is also called a steering wheel lock cylinder.

Well, there are other profound reasons to remove then replace your ignition lock cylinder. That is if the start-up system of your Ford car is malfunctioning.

Or if the ignition switch is damaged somewhere and cannot regulate the signals of the distributor. So, let us get forward and learn the step-through step method. To remove the steering wheel ignition lock cylinder without ignition key ford mustang.

Well, wait a while, let’s say you got the ignition key, but it is not working or you cannot wound it. In that case, let us provide you with some pro tips to make it usable smoothly.

  • Get a WD-40 Tri-Flow spray, and then spray a wide amount of if inside the ignition lock keyhole. This will work by lubing the ignition lock key-hole and making the key get into it easily.
  • Then try to put the ignition key in the lock cylinder, and continuously try to turn and rotate the key in it.
  • Therefore, do not get impatient and put so much strength while you are trying to turn around the key.
  • Also, another helping way when you cannot turn the key left to right in the lock cylinder is. With one hand keep trying to turn the cylinder, and with the other hand rock, the steering wheel is left to right. This will add up some vibrational force and will help to unlock the ignition.
  • You can imitate the fourth step again, but this time, pick up a hammer and then strike lightly on the hearing of the key. This will assist you to put in the key in the locker, and also rotating then unlocking the ignition.

So, the pro tips about making your ignition key work well again are given above. However, you must repeat the methods quite a few times. Then you can give up on your car ignition key.

Well, we are sure that the guidelines for fixing the jamming ignition key in the ignition lock cylinder will provide you with a fruitful outcome.

Still, if there is not a tiny bit of hope for your steering wheeler lock difficulty. Now, you can proceed and get to the following step by step methodical information. Then get ahead to remove and replace the ignition lock cylinder without the ignition key.

Moreover, if your ignition lock key is damaged beyond any repairing, or lost in nowhere, check into the step by step guidelines.


How to Do Drill Out of Ford Ignition Lock?

Drilling out the Ford ignition lock is a simple trick, just like using a screwdriver as the ignition key to detach and replace the ignition. You place the drill bit into the ignition lock cylinder and start drilling, then you pull out and place the new lock cylinder.

Can I Change an Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Ignition key?

Precisely, you can easily uninstall the old steering wheeler lock cylinder then change it into a new lock.

Can a Blacksmith Replace the Ignition Lock of My Ford Without The Ignition Key?

For a blacksmith task like figuring out a lock, whether that’s electric or manual is quite simple. So, a blacksmith can repair or replace the ignition Lock of the Ford car without the lock key.

Final Words

For the new users of Ford Mustang, some mechanical stuff like repairing, transmission, or replacing is quite useful. That’s why we looked through the mechanism, and technology and gather some additional information. For how to remove the ignition lock cylinder without ignition key ford mustang, also without drilling. We attempt our greatest to provide you with some precise, and efficient methods to utilize in your troubles.

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