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How to Remove Sliding Rear Window f150 – [ Ford F150 ]

How to remove sliding rear window f150? Let’s go know the details, Removing a sliding rear window for an F150 truck is very easy. Place a knife underneath the bottom rubber trim to dislodge it, push the window outward with a little force, and have someone catch the window on the other side.

Older models of the F150 have four window panes, two of which are fixed on the right and left side of the truck, the center window slides giving you visibility. The newest models (2015 to present) have replaced the three-part window with a single window that has a sliding center pane. These single windows come with heating and defrost functions that can be controlled by a switch.

How to Remove Sliding Rear Window f150

How to Remove Sliding Rear Window f150

Older models of the F150 have different rear windows with little to no electronic functions, removing a manual sliding rear window of the older F150 models is a little bit easier than the newer models. Below we are going to show you how to remove the sliding rear window from both types.

Safety first!

Firstly always ensure that you have someone assisting you. This is not a project that you will want to attempt on your own. And secondly, take special care while working with glass as it could break by accident. Wear protective gear such as eyeglasses and gloves to minimize your risk of injury. Now we move on to the steps to remove the F150 sliding rear window.

Removing rear sliding window for manual models

  • Dislodge the seats and seatbelts so you can get access to the window. If you are not sure how to do that, then look at the owner’s manual.
  • Look for the rubber trim on the inside of the window that keeps it in place and place a knife or screwdriver to dislodge it. If there are any bolts, make sure that you unscrew them; otherwise, the window will not budge.
  • Peel away the interior rubber or weather stripping that surrounds the whole rear window starting at the bottom. Some models come with a “rope” inside the weatherstripping, look for a gap and pull that rope, the rubber should come off quite easily.
  • The person helping you should now support the glass from the other side of the truck.
  • Inside the truck, put pressure on the window and push it out. In other models, once the bolts are removed, the glass will automatically lift off from the cab.
  • Remove the remaining weatherstrip left on the frame of the truck and clean off the sealant from the glass panes that you have just removed.
  • Clean all the sealant from the now vacant window opening car frame using your cleaning detergents.
  • Make sure the center sliding window is opened, then proceed to unscrew the bar that secures the fixed left side window pane, and then do the same for the fixed right side window pane.
  • Close the center sliding windows by moving them along the track until they are back in the middle and then proceed to separate the top and bottom parts of the frame whilst pulling out the slider windows one by one.

And that’s it you are done removing the manual sliding rear window of the F150.

Removing rear sliding window for power models

  • Remove the car seats and seat belt brackets being careful not to damage the power and electric cables.
  • Use a hook tool to push the plastic cap that holds the power cable on the left side to the bottom track on the cab to the end and unhook it from the track.
  • Keep tension on the power cable by keeping the spring near the motor compressed.
  • On the right side unhook the plastic bracket that holds the power cable and free it from the bottom track. This frees the center slider window pane which can now move from one end to the other.
  • To dislodge it from the top track wiggle the center slider gently but firmly until the window comes off the top track.

Gently lift the center slider off the bottom track and you are done.

Factors to Consider

Whilst it is nice to have the option of opening up your sliding rear window and feeling the breeze, they can become a headache if a leak develops and water starts traveling down the window track wetting the seats and interior of the truck.

So if you find yourself in a position where you have to remove or replace the sliding rear window of your truck, what you will need though is a lot of patience. As technology has advanced, newer, and better car accessories and electrical functions have modernized cars to keep up, but it has also made some things a little bit more complicated.

Older versions of the F150 truck were not built with electronic functions, so when it comes to removing the rear window, you would only typically be worried about mechanical damage. With the newer models of the F150 truck, you will have to factor in where the electronic cables might also be located. Nevertheless, it is not an impossible task.

Tools you’ll need to remove sliding rear window F150

You will need to prep and make sure all your tools are nearby. These include:

  • A screwdriver
  • Hooking tool
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Knife or Power tool
  • Tape
  • Urethane glue sealant


There are many other ways to remove sliding rear windows. You can visit a professional and get it done, but if you want to save money knowing how to remove the sliding rear window F150 yourself using these provided methods is not a difficult task at all.

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