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How to Remove Spare Tire from Ford f150 Without Key?

What happens if your ford f150 gets a puncture in the middle of the road? There is no garage nearby. Also, you don’t have its key at that moment. how to remove spare tire from ford f150 without key? Do you think you are the only one facing the situation? Well, that’s wrong. Surely, it is a thing that happened to many men out there.

Anyone can get into this situation at any time. You don’t have any experience of changing the tire. Believe us, you don’t need it. Because it is as simple as unlocking a door lock.

If you get a flat tire of Ford F150 anywhere then take out the tools from your toolbox. Because it is not a mechanic’s job. Everyone can do it. By using a 14 mm socket, extender, hammer, and screwdriver, you can get out of this difficult situation.

Here, you will get the solution to your problem. Whether they are about tools or time. Or they are about step-by-step details. Undoubtedly, you will get complete guidance by scrolling down.

How To Remove Spare Tire from Ford f150 Without Key?

You are not an auto mechanic. Don’t get upset. Any person with a little knowledge can remove the spare tire. Because it is as simple as opening an ordinary lock.

All you need is to perform this task carefully. So that you man not damage your car. What it requires, a simple process. So, trail the procedure given below to achieve a desirable result.

Necessary Tools:

The very first question that clicks your mind is, What tools do you need? Look into your toolbox. Yes, there they are. So, bring out the following tools from it:

  • Firstly, you need a 14-millimeter socket or rachet
  • Secondly, you require a pipe or tube for the 14 mm socket
  • Thirdly, you can bring out the simple hammer from the box
  • Thirdly, you can take out a ratchet extender
  • Lastly, you need one flat head screwdriver

The availability of all these tools can solve your problem quickly. You can also do it in surprisingly less time. So, take your tools, move towards your ford f150, and start working.

Step 1: Arrange your tools:

What comes next is how to prepare these tools? When you are inexperienced and you have no knowledge about this. Then read the instructions given below:

  • At first, take out a 14 mm rachet or a socket.
  • To continue, place that rachet or socket on the extender.
  • By doing this, you should be careful about the size of the extender. The appropriate size of the extender is important because you need to fit the socket to the Wheel-lock(Wheel-lock is the lock that hides your spare tire from being stolen. It is a type of security).
  • The appropriate size of the extender is 60 to 70 centimeters long. Also, you need a hammer by your side when you are about to perform the task.

Step 2: Putting the socket on the lock:

  • After assembling all the tools, you can proceed with your tasks by following the next steps given below:
  • Firstly, take the socket attached with an extender to the Wheel-lock that holds the tire.
  • Secondly, on the left side of your automobile’s license plate, there is a hole. After finding the space present in the rear bumper, insert the socket through that space.
  • Thirdly, try to fit the complete socket with the wheel lock properly.
  • Now, it is time to use your hammer. So, simply hit the socket in with your hammer. By doing this, the board penetrates the wheel-lock.
  • Next, you can eliminate wheel the key or lock.

Note: The above-mentioned action required a gentle tap of the hammer. So that you may not damage the internal parts of your Ford F150.

Step 3: Grab your spare tire:

After removing the lock, you can take out the tire carefully by following the given particular manner:

  • Reach for the tire with any regular extender. After all, an extender is the most important tool to accomplish this procedure.
  • Afterward, you go down and can get your tire easily and quickly.

So, you completed this task? Well done. But, make sure to arrange a new spare tire in case of security. But do not try to place it with the wheel-lock. Because it requires some professional knowledge. Although, separating it is quite easy for everyone.

Step 4: Removing the 14 mm socket:

So, you are thinking about what to do with the screwdriver. You are forgetting something. Don’t you remember?

Yes, you are right. The 14 mm socket is still attached to the wheel key. In this case, you will need a flat head screwdriver.

With the screwdriver, you can break the connection of the socket with the lock. It demands little effort and no skill.

Finally, you can put your tools back in the box.

What you can do in other situations?

Obviously, there can be flat tires in other situations also. It is not necessary that you always follow the above-mentioned procedure. So, let us have a look at different alternatives of how to remove the spare tire of the ford f150 without a key:

  • If you have lost your key, you can borrow the key from a neighbor who also has the same model of f150.
  • Another option is that you can order a new key from the Ford service department.
  • Still, if you cannot get the key, you can contact the Ford mechanic.

Final Verdict:

You complete your work in a minimum amount of time. That’s great. At the start, you were upset because you didn’t know how to remove the spare tire from the ford f150 without a key. But after removing it, you are happy. Aren’t you? This was a simple task.

A flat tire is always unpredictable. So, this knowledge will help you every time.

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