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How To Reset Air Suspension On Ford Expedition

A lot of people face problems with fixing air suspension on their ford expedition. It is quite essential to learn how to reset air suspension on ford expedition. That way, you will be able to attain the best out of it. Therefore Ford expedition is a heavy-duty vehicle that comes with two air suspensions on its rear axle.

Unlike other vehicles, ford expeditions independent rear suspension can often malfunction if you do not use proper maintenance. The very thing you need to know is how to reset it to prevent it from malfunctioning and avoid serious problems.

So we are going to inform you about how you can reset your ford expeditions suspension and how to use this feature properly. We would also instruct you on other air suspension problems you may face and how to fix them.

How to Reset Air Suspension on Ford Expedition- Step By Step Processes

How to Reset Air Suspension on Ford Expedition

When any problems of misalignments of air suspension occur, the information panel warns about the problems. Therefore, the best decision at that moment is to reset the air suspension and aligning them to a normal position. Turning the air suspension system off and turning it on again will reset ford expeditions air suspension. Isn’t it so easy? But you need to follow some more easy steps to ensure your suspensions resetting.

  • Turn on your Ford Expedition ignition.
  • Close all doors and make sure to close all lift gate glasses as well.
  • Clear all warnings on the information display.
  • Select your car’s control setup on the information display.
  • Select the ‘Air Suspension’ function and see its current status.
  • Press ‘reset control’ and it will turn off your vehicle’s air suspension if it was turned on before and then it will automatically turn on again.
  • You can ensure yourself if the reset is done or not. Just by checking the status message ‘Air Suspension Off’ after pressing the ‘reset controls’ option.
  • Wait for a few moments to allow your air suspension to resettle.
  • Make sure that all the vehicle doors and lift glasses are closed until the resettlement is completely done.

Now your Ford expeditions air suspension has been resettled.

What Is Air Suspension?- How Does Ford Expedition Air Suspension Work?

Before briefing you with the ford expedition air suspensions reset and fixing guide, it is quite necessary to let you know how air suspension works on the ford expedition. Then you will be able to reset air suspension on the ford expedition Precisely.

Air suspension uses airbags instead of steel, unlike coiled air suspensions. Further, Air suspensions airbags pump up or defuse air when needed to stabilize your driving. Moreover, this system uses sensors in each corner of your car to measure its height. Whereas from the ground and fit the height of your suspension accordingly. So, that way you can drive even more smoothly.

Even whenever you are driving on rough, and bumpy roads, air suspensions will raise the vehicle. Also, it will lower it again when you are driving on a flat surface. Ford Expedition comes with two air suspension sensors attached to its rear axle. These sensors measure your car’s height from the road and send signals to VDM (Vehicle dynamic module).

Whether, if the suspension height is not comfortable. With the measurement signals, the suspension sensors voltage increases or decreases to raise or lower the vehicle.

Besides, these sensors keep working till 40 minutes after turning off the engine keys. Ford expeditions air suspension system also measures vehicle speed and ambient temperature to adjust properly. That also improves handling, braking cornering, and other bumpy driving situations.

When Should I Turn Off Or Reset Air Suspension?- Basic Explanation

Now that you know how you can reset your ford expeditions air suspension. Therefore, you must know when you should reset it.

  • Air suspension resettlement is done for aligning the air suspension to its basic height and air pressure.
  • So, you should reset your vehicle’s air suspension every time you have driven in bumpy tracks.
  • Besides, your suspension’s accurate performance can be ensured if you can reset it daily.
  • We all know that no one has this much interest in resetting their vehicles’ suspension regularly. As a consequence, we would recommend you reset it whenever you see any faulty signs in the suspension of your vehicle.
  • Therefore, if you notice any abnormal sounds from your suspension. As well if the compressor doesn’t easily come out then you must reset air suspension controls.
  • Sometimes, you may also notice the misaligned height of your vehicle’s suspension. That also indicates that you need to reset its airbags.
  • Also, you would mostly notice your Ford expedition riding lower than normal height if it is misaligned.
  • Thereby, when the air suspension system is not operating properly, you would also see warning messages. As a result of your vehicle’s information display visual, it will say, “Check The Air Suspension”.

After you see this message then you should try resetting the controls. Then check if it is working smoothly or properly. Additionally, always remember to turn off your Ford expeditions air suspension when you are towing it. Otherwise, the air suspension might malfunction and harm itself or you might face troubles and accidents.

Ford Expedition Air Suspension Problems & Maintenance – You Need to Look-Out

Here are some most common problems you may face with your Ford expedition air suspension.

Malfunctioned Compressor

If your vehicle’s air suspension compressors are not working properly, then the air springs won’t be filled accordingly. Suspension checking warning messages are shown if this problem occurs. You can follow these maintenance steps to check this problem:

  • Test the compressor for power if it doesn’t fill up the air while the switch is working.
  • Make use of the automotive test lights on the power lead. In contemplation to check if the compressor gets active or not.
  • Check if the fuses get power with test lights. If the fuses are broken, replace them, and test again.

Faulty Air Suspension Switch

Sometimes, the air suspension switch doesn’t respond properly which leads to driving without knowing your suspension mode. Make sure to always turn on this switch before driving. You can check if your air suspensions switch is working or not by these steps:

  • Disable air suspension system.
  • Drain all air from the air tank.
  • Turn on the air suspension system and check if the air tank is being filled or not.
  • If the air isn’t filling, replace the fuse and check again.

After following these steps, if the air tanks are still not being filled then your air suspensions switch is faulty and it must be changed.

Air Leakage

If the airbag of the air suspension has leaks, the air will keep leaking. Thus, the suspension won’t be filled with air completely which will lead to malfunctioning. Here are some methods to check if your air suspension has air leaks or not and fix it:

  • Mix a few drops of soap with a bottle of water.
  • Spray or squirt soapy water in the air fitting areas where you suspect leaks.
  • If the soapy water bubbles up then it means that there is a leak in that area.
  • Open the air fittings with a wrench if there is a leak and wrap Teflon tape around the leak.

If it still leaks air after wrapping with Teflon tape, then the fitting is broken and it must be replaced.

Misaligned Air Suspension Sensor

Air suspension sensors do not work properly if their fuses are blown or misplaced by bumping. You need to locate the position of the fuse and replace them to fix your air suspension sensors.


How Long Does Ford Expedition Air Suspension Last?

Air suspensions can lastingness depending on how much you are using them. Ford expeditions air suspension can last till the usage of 50,000-70,000 miles. You can make them even more long-lasting if you go through proper maintenance after driving for every 10,000-15 000 miles.

How Much Weight Can Ford Expeditions Air Suspension Hold?

Ford expeditions air suspension can hold up to 2000 lbs. This weight limit doesn’t include the vehicle’s weight. So, it can carry passengers or gears of up to 2000 lbs.

Can I Drive My Ford Expedition With A Broken Air Suspension?

You can drive your Ford expedition with broken air suspension but it will cause serious damage to the vehicle. The collapsed rings sound and rough steering experience are some common issues of driving with broken air Suspension.

Can I Drive Ford Expedition With Air Suspension Off?

Yes, you can drive the Ford expedition with air suspensions off and it will make your steering comfier, and easier. However, turning air suspension off can damage your vehicle parts easily and increase the discomfort of driving on sturdy roads.

How Much Does Ford Expeditions Air Suspension Cost?

Normal air suspensions cost a few hundred bucks. But, the Ford expedition’s air suspension costs nearly eight to nine hundred as they are highly reliable for heavy use. As well, the installation and labor costs are also included in this amount.

Final Thoughts

A wide range of vehicle users suffered troubles because of the malfunction of expedition air suspension. Therefore, to soothe your difficulties and help you out with the desired solution. We arranged some techniques about how to reset air suspension on a ford expedition. Therefore, we also provided some valuable knowledge about air suspension and its problem. So, in the long run, if you face any issue, you will be able to overcome it right away.

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