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How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code?

Nearly everyone has a bad experience of forgetting their passwords. This experience becomes even more complicated if you forget your ford keyless entry/door code. You can reset this code with the 5-digit factory code but what if you have also forgotten that? So, we are here to tell you how to reset ford door code without factory code simply.

There are many special features that ford keyless entry provides for security and emergency functions. Thus it is really important to reset it if you have forgotten it. So we are going to show you how you can reset the ford door code along with methods for resetting it without factory code.

How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code

how to reset Ford door code without factory code

Unfortunately, you will not find a way you can reset ford keyless entry without a factory code. However, there are tricky individual methods that you can use unless you are a thief. These methods are would only help you find the 5-digit factory code if you are the legal owner of the car. Before you get the factory code, you should know how the ford door code works and how you can reset it.

What Is Ford Door Code/Keyless Entry Code & Factory Code Used For?

Ford’s keyless entry code is mainly a security system. It comes with a keypad near the driver’s window where you can press your door code for emergencies.

As you can select this code by yourself, you can also change it whenever you want with the 5-digit factory which is given with the wallet card of the car.

If you have bought a second-hand car then you must note the factory code from the seller and check it. Here are some special features that the ford door code system provides:

Locking & Unlocking Doors

You can lock your car doors and even unlock them with the ford keyless entry system. You can enter both factory code your code to unlock your car doors without using keys. Moreover, you can also lock them but remember to type the 5-digit door code within 5 seconds.

For locking the door, enter the code and press 7,8 & 9 simultaneously when the door is closed. You can unlock again by pressing the code and pressing 3 & 4.

Opening Trunk

Entering the ford keyless entry code and pressing 5 & 6 will open the trunk of your car. This is a very secure and comfortable system for the opening trunk.

Recall Seat & Mirror Positioning

You can do auto realignment of your car seat position and mirror position with the ford door code. You can use this system to adjust your car comfortably every time you start driving.

Anti Theft Alarm

The anti-theft alarm can be disabled and enabled with a ford door code. Once you enable this, you can again disable it with the same code or your car keys.

Steps To Reset Ford Keyless Entry/Door code

Here are the proper steps you should follow to reset the ford door code:

– Enter the factory code for the door. Then press 1 & 2 within the time of five seconds. This will erase all previous codes on the car.

– Now, enter the 5-digit factory code again and type the new personal code you want to use. Press 1 & 2 within five seconds to save your new door code.

– Lock and unlock the door immediately after installing the new door code. This step is meant for confirming that you were successful in resetting the door code.

– As you can use up to 5 personal codes, you can save each of them by following the previous steps and saving them with different numbers. For saving code 2, press 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 for code 3. Pressing 7 & 8 will save the 4th code and the l5th code is saved by pressing 9 & 0.

None of these steps to reset the ford keyless entry/door code would work if you don’t have the factory code. Thus, you need to find out your factory code at any cost if you want to reset the ford keyless entry.

How To Find Ford Factory 5-Digit Code

Ford 5-digit factory code is the second security system after your car keys. Thus, it is not so easy for any random person to find this factory code. All of these methods would take a little time. Thus make sure to find this code before any emergency. Here are the most reliable methods for finding a ford 5-digit factory code.

Finding Factory 5-Digit Code for Door With Integrated Keyhead Transmitters

Now, we will provide you with a simple step through step methods for finding the factory five-digit key code.

Therefore, in this method, you will need two programmed anti-theft keys for the door. That will view your factory code for the door in the information display of the Ford.

Follow these steps if you have two anti-theft keys:

– Turn on your car’s ignition for a few seconds by inserting one anti-theft key.

– Remove the first key and repeat the previous process with the second programmed anti-theft key.

– Some warning messages will appear for a few seconds and then the factory set code will appear for a short time.

– Note down the code or take a photo within this short time.

Finding Factory 5-Digit Code With Intelligent Access Keys

If the previous method doesn’t work for your car then you can use this method. You will need those same programmed keys for this method also.

  • Insert the first programmed key for the door in the center backup slot. This slot resides inside the center console in the car.
  • Align the keyring on tip position and buttons in the rear-facing position.
  • Now, take out the first key and then insert the second key.
  • Afterward, press the start or the stop button.
  • Some warning messages will show up in the display and the factory code will appear within a few seconds.
  • Note down the factory code as soon as possible.

Locating Ford 5-Digit Factory Code From RAP Panel

If you don’t even have the anti-theft programmed keys of your ford, then you can find your factory code from the RAP panel. RAP(remote anti-theft personality) panel is located on the back of the car. Since the RAP is an interchangeable, and removable part.

Thereby, you can remove it by rotating it counterclockwise or on the right side.

After removing the RAP panel, you will see a label written inside. The factory-set code is written with the label.

Obtain Ford  Factory Code From Online Generator

Some specific ford car models have this facility. You can generate a new factory code for those cars from a few online websites. Here is the simple way you can apply this method:

  • First, find and get the newly generated factory code online.
  • Press 1 & 2 buttons with at least five seconds time difference.
  • Enter the newly generated factory code.
  • To save the new factory code, press 1 & 2 again with at least 5 seconds time difference between them.
  • If the process is successful, your car doors will lock and unlock themselves automatically as a signal.

The following ford models contain this feature of using newly generated factory codes online. Like the Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta,  Ford Fusion. In also Mustang Truck, Puma truck, Kuga, Kuga Connect KA,  KA Galaxy, C Max,  Ford Ranger, Mondeo, Ford Transit too.

How to Reset Ford Factory Keyless Entry Code Using VIN Number? – Easy Guidelines

VIN is another short form of the Vehicle Identification Number. This is a single line of 17 digits that includes both digits and letters without any space.

However, if you can locate the VIN of your car then you can call any authorized ford dealer to get your car’s factory set 5-digit code. This VIN is mostly located in the driver’s side door pillars or interior dash.


 Can I Turn Off Ford Keyless Entry?

Yes, you can turn off your ford keyless entry if you don’t like it. Many people turn it off when they forget their door code as they don’t know how to reset it. But after reading this article, you won’t have to turn it off.

 How To Check If My Ford Has Keyless Entry Or Not?

If your ford has a keyless entry/ door code, then it would come with a key panel near the driving seat. If it has a key panel then it is sure to have a keyless entry.

Why Isn’t My Ford Keyless Entry Working?

Ford’s keyless entry can malfunction sometimes. This problem occurs if the wired connection is loosened or the battery is dead.  Try fixing the wire lines and install new batteries in case it does not work.

How Long Does Ford Keyless Entry Fob Battery last?

Ford’s keyless entry fob batteries last for around ⅔ years. You can change the batteries after every 2 years as regular maintenance to avoid any malfunction.

Final Thoughts

If you have read our enlisted methods then you surely know models reset ford door code without factory code. If you are not a thief or a bad guy, then you can easily find out your car’s factory-set code.

With two programmed anti-theft keys in two ways. Regardless, without the keys, you can still reset the code for some models. Though it will not be convenient for you. If you don’t have your car’s legal documents.

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