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How to Reset Ford Escape Keyless Entry Without Factory Code?

This is not news for most of us. I can comfortably say that a huge number among us have lost an important number around their life. I have lost a PIN number before, a phone security code, and a laptop password at some point. But whether you have or haven’t, one thing for sure is, you know someone who has. Irrespective of the case, Ford’s escape keyless entry is no different at all.

That’s why it is important to understand how it works, how to program it, and how you can reset it if you lose it. Luckily for you, I have created this post to show you how to reset ford escape keyless entry without factory code. Among the things that I will show you here are; how to reset ford escape keyless entry, how to program a personal code, and other additional information.

Let us dig in.

How to Reset Ford Escape Keyless Entry Without Factory Code?

How to Reset Ford Escape Keyless Entry Without Factory Code

If you are in need of a new code, the only way to reprogram your code is to use the factory code. However, if you cannot find this code, then you cannot access your keyless system. This means that you’d have to hack the system to use it.

As such, when you want to learn how to reset ford escape keyless entry without code, then hacking is the only option. Here is the easiest method to hack the 5-digit factory code for your Ford if the car uses a keyless system.

Step I: Access the RAP System

The RAP system, which is also known as the Remote Anti-theft Personality (RAP) Module, is what you must first access if you don’t have your keyless access code. The RAP system is found at the back of your car in a removable panel.

Step II: Remove the RAP System

Identify the panel using the user manual and remove it. Locate the panel on the backside and remove it by turning the two-thumb screws counterclockwise. This should be an easy process for you.

Step III: Locate Your 5 Digit Code

Look at the label that’s printed on the Remote Anti-theft Personality panel. You will find your factory code rightly printed on it. Use the factory code to reset your Ford keyless system for a quick reprogram.

NOTE: So is there a way that you can reset your ford escape keyless entry without factory code? The answer is no! You need the factory code to rest your keyless entry. Without it, you cannot do anything.

Resetting the Ford Escape Keyless Entry without a Factory Code

Unless you are completely stuck, you’ll require some time to finally reset your Ford escape code before you can restart the car. Before I get you to reset the keyless code, let us look at the following.

What is the Ford Escape Keyless System?

Depending on your car model, a keyless keypad sits next to the driver’s window. If you press on it, the pad lights up to give you an easy time to punch in your combination code. Press the code slowly to allow the system to accept it comfortably. If it doesn’t, you can re-enter the keyless code again.

The keyless system has a factory set PIN that’s made up of a 5-digit code. The code is found in the car’s keyless pad (original wallet card). You will find this wallet in your car’s glove box once you buy the car.

The PIN can be retrieved from an authorized dealer too. Then why should you reset the keyless system of the Ford? There are several reasons which include:

  • Buying a secondhand car with no keyless wallet
  • Having no contacts with an authorized dealer
  • Losing your wallet while on an emergency
  • Forgetting the 5-digit code of your keyless system

Luckily for you, if you didn’t memorize the code, or write it down, then you still have an additional option for getting it up and running, reset it. This option allows you to program your 5-digit entry code up to five times.

Programing a Personal Code

To program a personal code in the keyless system, here is what you are going to do. It is simple and will hardly take you 10 minutes.

  • First, enter your car’s factory-set code
  • Press 1.2 in five seconds
  • Feed your personal 5-digit code
  • Remember to press every number within the five seconds relapse
  • Once you finish the code, press 1.2 to save
  • Confirm the code by punching it in.
  • Success with your code will cause the doors to lock and unlock.

The best thing about Ford’s keyless system is that you can program up to 5 different types of codes. Use the same method that I have given you.

To mark the difference between one code to the next, you will choose a different number to press when marking and saving them. A good example is to follow this method.

  • For code 2, press 3.4
  • For code 3, Press 5.2
  • For code 4, press 6.2
  • For code 5, press 7.8

This will give you up to five codes that you can use for your keyless system. However, even after setting up these five codes, your factory code will still be operational. This means that you’ll have a total of six codes to forget.

What You Must Know

You can recall a memory position by entering your personal code. The code you enter returns the saved position. This means that if you created your code for a specific position, then you should return to the position when you enter the code.

You can also erase a personal code by entering your factory-set 5-digit code followed by pressing and releasing 1.2 within the five seconds relapse. Then within the same timeline pressing and hold 1.2 for at least two seconds. This will erase all the personal codes.

Functions of the Ford Escape Keyless System

Now that you understand there is no way how to reset a ford escape keyless entry without factory code let us look at the primary functions of the keyless system.

Locking and Unlocking the Doors

If you enter the 5-digit code or even your personal code while pressing every number systematically within five seconds and then pressing 1.2, for instance, within five seconds, the lamps will flash (illuminate), and every car door unlocks. However, this will depend on your programming too.

You can close the driver’s door by pressing and holding two preset codes simultaneously. When doing this, you won’t need to punch in the 5-digit code again. Remember, punching in slowly but within the five seconds difference is the best since it prevents the system from jamming.

Finally, for the trunk, and depending on your setup, you should enter your 5-digit code, then press every digit within the five seconds relapse time before pressing the code-number within the five seconds change time.

Additional Functions

Apart from what I have shown you, there are several other functions that the keyless system can perform in your Ford model. This will depend on how you’ve programmed these codes to meet your needs, though. The functions include the following:

  • Recalling Saved Seat and Mirroring Positions
  • Arming and Disarming the Anti-Theft System
  • Opening the Trunk
  • Programing and Erasing Personal Entry Codes

Make sure that when programming these codes, you identify them with specific uses. Doing so will save you so much time when you are preparing to set out for work, a trip, a journey, or any other use with your car.

For most people, choosing the right functionalities might be hard. Even so, if you have used your car for quite some time, you’ll easily determine how best your needs will be met by the keyless programming that you are doing.


Let me say this; it doesn’t really matter how smart you are or how sophisticated a digitalized system is. In fact, it doesn’t even matter how secure a software is or if you’ve got its user’s manual or not. You don’t even have to get your hands on the distributor or even to the special keys.

The most important thing that you need is your common sense and a possible hacking brain. In this case, I have shown you how to reset ford escape keyless entry without factory code. And in this instance, I have used the 5-digit key code that is placed on to the actual RAP module to give it the complete reset.

When you choose to insert, it is up to you, but with the proper guide such as the one that I have given you here, this is nothing to worry about. If you don’t want to go with that, finding a special programmer device that links to the OEM through your truck’s ODBII might just help. It is not guaranteed with this second option, but it has given out some incredible results before when it works.

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