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How to Reset Oil Change Light Ford Focus?

Knowing how to drive your car is one thing, and learning how your car operates another. For those who own the Ford Focus, this post is for you. In this post, I am going to show you how to reset oil change light ford focus. This is a good way and an awesome start to understanding how your car model operates.

Remember that what I will be giving you here applies to the Ford Focus cars only. So don’t use it for any other model unless you have confirmed with your manufacturer’s manual. But first, take a look at the following. Let’s start to know how to reset change oil light on ford focus.

How to Reset Oil Change Light Ford Focus

With that said, here is a smart guide that shows you how to reset the oil change light on a ford focus any day. The process is simple and doesn’t require any technical know-how to pull through. Take a look!

  • First, turn on the ignition of your Ford Focus to settle on the “RUN” position.
  • Now press both your brake and the accelerator pedals all at the same time.
  • Hold onto the two pedals for 3 seconds to allow the reset message to display
  • After 3 seconds, you’ll receive the “Service: Oil Reset In Prog.” message on the dash.
  • Do not release any of the pedals that you are stepping on.
  • Allow the reset to be completed.
  • The process takes around 25 seconds to complete fully.
  • After 25 seconds, the “Service: Oil Reset Complete” is displayed on the dash.
  • Now you can release the brake and the gas pedals.
  • Your Ford Focus will have completed a successful reset of the oil change light.
  • You can turn off the ignition.

Now that you’ve seen how to carry out a reset of the oil change light on your Ford Focus, it is important to understand this. The rest of the oil change light needs to be done after every engine oil change.

If you don’t go that once you have changed the engine oil, the ford system won’t be able to properly track for you when the next oil change should be. And this can cause some serious performance problems to your Ford Focus engine.

Why Should You Reset Oil Change Light in Your Ford Focus?

Resetting the oil change light in your ford focus contributes to high engine performance. It eliminates premature wear and tear to the engine and ensures that your car is always at its best too.

You should reset your oil change light only if you understand the main concept. Thankfully, that’s what I am going to show you today.

When Should You Perform the Reset to the Oil Change Light?

This reset of the oil change light is best done after you’ve changed your engine oil and the filter. This is in line with the technical specifications that the Ford Focus manufacturers have set out in their manual.

Failure to do that can easily cause a lot of problems that could lead to premature engine wear and several other serious problems with how your care functions.

Frequently Asked Question

Apart from learning how to reset the oil change light for the ford focus, let us also look at some of the common FAQs that are related to the same.

What does it mean if your Ford Focus indicates that an oil change is required?

What your ford focus says “oil change required” means that if the oil left to go or used beyond that point, then it loses its ability to lubricate. The oil will have lost its viscosity and as such will leave your engine vulnerable.

From there henceforth, the oil builds up debris. This can easily cause some damage to the engine and eventually affect the overall performance of the engine system. That’s why the car is designed with this oil change reminder.

How often will your Ford Focus require an oil change?

For the Ford Focus care models, the normal average timeline is after every 7,500 miles. This is what the manufacturers recommend and the right time when your Ford Focus requires its engine oil change.

Can you still drive your Ford Focus with the oil change light on?

No, you shouldn’t drive your Ford Focus with the oil change light on. However, if you do, it can easily cause very extensive damages to your car’s engine. There are many reasons why the oil change engine can turn on. That’s why you need to be certain of what you are dealing with. They include:

  • Low oil pressure
  • Low oil in your engine
  • Overused engine oil

What happens if the car goes too long, with no oil change?

This can cost you the car. Usually, when the motor oil loses its viscosity, it can no longer draw any heat from your car’s engine. This can cause the engine to overheat and as such, blow the gasket or even seize up. If not, it’ll warp some of the engine parts.


Now you know how to reset oil change light a ford focus and the reasons why you should reset it. Overall, resetting the engine oil light helps your Ford Focus to track how much the engine has performed. It enables you to enjoy a smooth ride with a highly efficient engine.

Even so, there is a need to understand one thing. That’s with very many different vehicle models that we have today, and this information shouldn’t be used for any type of vehicle. Instead, you should spare some time and confirm what’s ideal for your vehicle.

Make sure that you take your time to learn how your car operates so that you have a better mastery of the same processes. Eventually, you will find that your engine is properly maintained and that you can have a smooth operation whenever.

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