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How to Reset Throttle Position Sensor Ford: Simple Guide for You

If you have had an experience with a bad throttle position sensor, then you understand why you need to solve it as soon as possible. The best way to do that is to replace your car’s throttle position sensor once and for all. It is the surest way to eliminate any other future problems.

If you are in need of this for your Ford, here is how to reset throttle position sensor ford. While that’s true, you may not have the money for the same at that particular time.

More importantly, there are some issues that can also be easily fixed through a reset by way of reprogramming and repairing the sensor.

But before we get into that, let me say this. Reprogramming your throttle position sensor may not be very effective all the time. However, when it is, it can easily help you to solve recurring issues with your Ford.

How to Reset Throttle Position Sensor Ford

How to Reset Throttle Position Sensor Ford

Resetting the throttle position sensor for your ford won’t take so much time if you have the knowledge. Here is how you do it.

– Turn the ignition switch of your Ford to ON.

– The dashboard gauges will light up

– Do not start the car engine

– Wait for up to 3 seconds

– Now “fully” depress and then release the car accelerator pedal

– Do this 5 times in 5 seconds

– Then wait for up to 10 seconds

– Next “fully” depress the car accelerator pedal for about 10 seconds

Please pay attention to the engine light it should start blinking fast (Quick blinking indicates Diagnostic Test Mode II or the start of self-diagnostic)

– Release the car accelerator pedal at this point and wait for 10 seconds

– Again “fully” depress the car accelerator pedal – for up to 10 seconds

– The “check engine” light will change then start blinking slowly (Indicates the Erasing of ECU Memory)

– At this point release the Ford accelerator pedal and then turn your ignition switch OFF

– Restart the car engine

NOTE: Upon restarting the car engine the “check engine” light should be off. Now your throttle position sensor has been reset. Timing is crucial for this process to work, and that’s why it is important that you have a timer when doing this.

 Resetting the Easy Way

The easiest way that you can use to reset the throttle position sensor for your ford is to unhook the battery’s negative cable for up to five minutes. You can also remove the car fuse for the engine control module.

In both cases, once you have removed the cable or the fuse, you should pump the brakes to discharge ECU capacitors before restarting the car.

In most cases, this method will work so long as your ECU control parameters fall within normal ranges.

Learning how to reset the throttle sensor is very important since it is all that’s required at times to restore the sensor. Otherwise, you will hire the services of a professional mechanic to erase code errors and carry out software reprogramming on your sensor.

Failed Throttle Position Sensor: How to Tell

The symptoms of a failed throttle position sensor are so many. Even so, the same signs could also point to other engine problems. That’s why it is important to be very careful when making a diagnosis. Here are the most common symptoms of a failed TPS.

– Engine light on the dashboard

– Poor engine power

– Unusual surges during acceleration

– Delay in gear shifting

– Hesitations when accelerating

– Difficulty in gear shifting

– Again, if your engine struggles to attain proper idling, it might as well point to a faulty throttle position sensor.

Determining Where the Problem Is

As I mentioned, these symptoms might point to other engine problems too. That’s why it is important to determine that it is the throttle position sensor that has the problem. So how do you do that?

– Use a multimeter to determine if the throttle sensor has an electrical fault

– Use the engine module to determine the type of trouble code that triggered the light

These are the two main steps that will help you to determine if the throttle position sensor of your Ford has a problem. Patience is also key to unlocking where the problem is. So take your time.

So, What’s a Throttle Position Sensor?

This is a type of sensor that allows Ford’s engine to easily maintain the ideal amount of air for the engine system. The ability of the sensor to work efficiently is usually dependent on the valve of the throttle.

How It Works

When pressing on the accelerator (gas pedal), the throttle valve opens. Next, the throttle position sensor steps in to adjust the engine intake as required and therefore allows the engine to perform efficiently.

The throttle position sensor is essential in providing the correct mixture of air and fuel in your Ford. It is the main part that helps to retain the smooth operation of both the engine idling and acceleration.

Failure to perform efficiently, Ford’s engine won’t provide a full performance or even full power. The care, in turn, becomes boring to drive or to have.


A reset is all it sometimes takes to resolve a problem with your throttle position sensor. A reset is also necessary if you are installing a new throttle position sensor.

However, it is very crucial that before you reset your throttle position sensor, you understand the whole process. That’s where this post comes in.

It provides you with a complete guide on how to reset the throttle position sensor in Ford and leaves you with very simple steps to follow. Don’t, however, attempt this procedure if you don’t get along with electricity.

Remember that removing a wrong fuse or even cable could prove dangerous. So get a professional mechanic if you must.

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