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How to Start a Ford f150 Without a Key: Know the Methods

How to Start a Ford f150 Without a Key

What picture comes to your mind when you think of starting a car? You may not have imagined a vehicle starting without a key; now, this situation has become real. Some transports have a particular function to start the engine without inserting a key.

However, the Ford vehicles, including the Ford f150, offer the feature to get began without a key; so, you must learn how to start a Ford f150 without a key and use that technique when necessary.

Have you lost your car keys and don’t know how to start your car? Let the article show you to start your Ford f-150 without a key in different methods step by step.

Once, my colleague forgot to take his car’s ignition keys and was confused about what he should do. So, everyone, including him, should learn everything about operating a four-wheeler.

Learn More About the Ford f150

The Ford F- series is one of the oldest model cars launched in the 1980s, and the Ford f-150 is among them. The manufacturers are developing the model to keep it in the competition in the modern competitive market.

Moreover, it can make you feel like a dashing car and a comfortable truck; and it’s available in different colors. This car has a significant load taking capacity and comfort along with safety technologies.

Its multiple engines balance the power; the manufacturers are providing you with many luxurious packages too. Unfortunately, the Ford f-150 couldn’t show the expected fuel economy result, but the company is trying to improve the flaw.

Do You Know How Does a Car Key Work to Start the Engine?

The procedure is quite simple; you can turn on the ignition using a key, and the connection takes the signal to the engine. Insert the key inside the keyhole and turn it clockwise; that’s the “ON” position.

When you take the key out later, it remains in the ignition on position; a child can even start the vehicle. The ignition section is connected with a solenoid and a starter; they activate when you push the key.

However, the signal then pushes the small pack and transfers it to a more oversized bag. The larger gear is connected to the flywheel and engine; thus, the motor gets the command to start.

How to Start a Ford f150 Without a Key: Know the Methods

Method 1: Starting with a Screwdriver

You have to bring out the ignition key cylinder with a screwdriver; you may then start your Ford f150 inserting that.

– Push the car key into the hole; it may be located in the power steering in your vehicle.

– You will see two holes below the cylinder spot; insert a screwdriver in one hole and keep twisting until the whole thing becomes loose.

– When the cylinder gets loose, slowly take it out from the section, and you will see the vehicle starter solenoid.

– In the next step, insert the screwdriver there and turn it clockwise to start the engine; it’s challenging to turn off the motor in this way.

– If you want to shut the car’s engine, you can open its deck and remove the fuse from the battery.

– If you want to restart the engine, you should reconnect the fuse and insert the screwdriver again; thus, the engine will start.

Remember, you can only use this way if you find junks inside the keyhole, and you’re unable to put the key inside. Otherwise, the method can be hazardous because if you don’t lock the doors correctly, your Ford may get stolen.

Therefore, if you have taken out the cylinder, you should ensure that the safety indicators are working. Get the cylinder cleaned, put it back in its respective place, and use your key again to start the engine.

Method 2: Starting Your Car with a Key Fob

You can apply the 2nd method in your 2015 Ford f-150 model; it may not work for the older versions. Here you won’t use a screwdriver or equipment like that; it’s useful only when your car keys have been damaged.

Let’s know how you can start your car (Ford f-150, 2015) with a key fob:

– You have to sit on the driving chair first and turn back to the back seats; it’s safe to do before setting out for your destination. Otherwise, you may have an accident if you move your eyes off the road and start the engine.

– Remove the middle chair, and you will notice gear holders between the two corner back seat; you will have a space to insert the key fob.

– However, press the brake paddles and, in the meantime, insert the fob into that space. Before inserting, check if it’s working or not, especially the buttons, and check the car’s menu to be more sure.

– When you’ve put the fob into the hole while pressing the brakes, the motor will start immediately; this way may not work if the battery is low.

– The second method also has the same difficulty as the first one; it’s challenging to turn off the engine.

This method’s only disadvantage is that you can’t start your car with it if your key fob is dead or malfunctioning. You may get several fobs of your vehicle’s model for an emergency; this method is less time-consuming.

You may also get your dead key fob charged or replaced and use it for turning on your engine.

Method 3: Start by Pressing the ON Button

If your vehicle already has the option to start without a key, you may don’t need any extra machine to begin it.

– You will find a button near the steering wheel or the gear; push the button to turn on the engine.

– If your car doesn’t have the start/stop button, you should move the dash’s layer. You will see the starter switch, put that in the “On” position, and start the motor.

– You can press the same button again and put it in the “Off” position when you want to shut your motor.

If you ask for my suggestion, I suggest you apply either the 2nd or the 3rd method because they are more accessible and safer for you and your car.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do All Cars from the Ford F-series Have the Same System?

The F-series cars from the Ford Motors Company are old; the latest ones have advanced systems like keyless ignition. The keyless ignition has some issues though, 65% of the total Ford vehicles use this feature.

You can use a screwdriver or anything that fits into the keyhole in every car, including the Ford f-150 ( the 8-10 versions of the Ford F-series.)

What Else You Can Use to Start the Ford f-150 Except for a Screwdriver?

You can use a nail shaper or a nail filler that fits into the steering lock; you can insert and twist it to unlock it. After opening the wave, you may start your car following the same steps of using a screwdriver.


Modernize yourself with the flow of time, try to think out of the box, try to enjoy the keyless ignition, and the engine starts with the Ford f-150. Many other brands also offer the same features as your Ford vehicle, but f-150 is the best.

You should take the car menu’s help to know how to start a Ford f-150 without a key, and which method you should follow. Only your vehicle’s manual has the instructions to operate and troubleshoot it correctly.

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