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How to Turn off Abs Light on Ford f150 : [Simple Steps]

Do you know how to turn off abs light on ford f150? Well, I am coming to that. But first, let me say this. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) found on the Ford F150 is a very important addition to the system. Indeed, it is a lifesaver.

The ABS pulses the vehicle’s brakes for you in case you have to go for hard braking. So rather than pumping your brakes manually the ABS system will pulse the brakes so many times quicker than you or any other person could ever do.

This is very healthy for your vehicle as it prevents your vehicle’s wheels from any lock-up and at the same time keeps your F150 automobile from skidding off the road and into the pavements.

By doing that, the ABS enable you to gain better control of the vehicle and in so doing, prevent any fatal accident from happening.

But what happens if the alert light of your ABS system for the F150 refuses to go off? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

How to Turn off Abs Light on Ford f150: The Complete Solution

Let’s get started step by step:

Step I

turn on your engine to position

First, turn off and then turn on your engine to position “II” on the ignition. Once you have done this, you can check the dashboard.

Step II

ABS lights

The ABS lights should come on for a few seconds and then go off. If they don’t and if they still persist, then you’ll have to troubleshoot the ABS system. For a start, you can always go with a visual inspection.

Step III

Turn off Abs Light on Ford f150


The visual inspection is simple. You don’t need a technician for this. Here is what you should do when carrying out the inspection.

  • Turn the steering wheel of the F150 fully to the right.
  • Now look at the wheel’s brake system on the front wheel on the driver’s side
  • The wheels are turned all the way to the other side (right)
  • You should easily see the ABS sensor that’s mounted to your wheeling assembly
  • Identify the two wires that are coming out from the sensor
  • If the wires are either broken or even damaged in any way, the ABS must be serviced
  • If the wires seem fine, do the same for each wheel.
  • This means checking the wheel on the passenger side
  • As such you should turn the steering wheel fully in the opposite direction (left)

Note: the sensor is usually a small black box that’s secured to the F150’s wheel bearing and the hub assembly. The sensor’s work is to monitor the overall rotation of the vehicle’s rotor and again the wheel.

In doing that, the sensor checks to see if you have a stop or break in the rotation while your vehicle is still moving the brakes yet are being applied.

Step IV

Turn the vehicle ignition off

If everything appears normal, then now it is time to turn off the ABS light. To do that, you will do the following:

  • Turn the vehicle ignition off
  • Recheck brake wires to ensure the ABS wires appear intact to the wheel hub
  • Wait for 30 seconds then turn the car’s ignition back on
  • Allow the key to rest at the “II” position on the ignition
  • Open the hood of your vehicle and rest on the prop rod
  • Now loosen the battery’s negative cable connection (Use a box wrench)
  • Remove the cable off from the terminal
  • Next to leave the cable off the terminal for about five minutes
  • This should allow the vehicle’s system to reset
  • Next, you should reattach the terminal wire to the battery
  • This will reset all of the systems of the vehicle including its clock
  • Tighten the reattached cable to clamp snugly
  • Check your instrument’s cluster to see if the ABS light is also extinguished.

If you followed this process well, you should be able to turn off the ABS light from your dashboard. You can start your vehicle and drive. But before that make sure that you have closed the vehicle’s hood.

What Causes the ABS Light to Turn On

It is a good thing that we have seen how to turn off the abs light on the ford f150. Even so, it is important that we take a look at what could be the cause of your ABS light sticking out. Here is what we found out.

Normally, any warning light that appears on the dashboard of your F150 could easily indicate a certain problem. The problem could exist in your engine, electrical system, or due to poor vehicle maintenance. Whichever the cause, here are some of the major causes of an ABS light turning on.

  • Sensor problem
  • Brake fluid blockage
  • Brake fluid leak
  • Loose wire connection
  • Damaged brake system or component
  • Low brake fluid
  • Low pressure

NOTE: Faulty brakes are often the major cause of vehicle skidding when your brakes are applied. And since the ABS system is a lifesaver, it is important that when you notice the ABS light on, you should take your time to check it out and ensure that it’s performing as expected.


Resetting or turning off the ABS brake warning light that is on the Ford 150 will require you to set the vehicle’s ignition switch on. Then follow that with disconnecting your vehicle’s power system and then allowing the system to auto-reset before you can reconnect it again.

This is how to turn off the abs light on the ford f150. Even so, the most important thing to note is this. When the brake light illuminates your car’s dashboard, it often indicates that there is a problem with your braking system.

Most of these problems should be fixed quickly to prevent further damage and to allow the vehicle to work much more efficiently. So if you try to reset the ABS system barking light and fail, you should troubleshoot to determine that your vehicle doesn’t have any mechanical problems.

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