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How to Turn off Hill Descent Control Ford Focus

We all know that the Ford car brand has been using the hill assist since 2012, but how to turn off hill descent control Ford Focus? Do you know what it is and how does it function in a car?

However, its hill descent control’s primary purpose is to control your car’s speed on hillsides or uneven roads. When you decide to drive on a hill track, make sure your vehicle has the function.

Learning the turn on the system here is not enough; you should know how to turn off the mode. Once, I turned it on, but couldn’t bring the usual manner. As a result, I had to drive my car at 18mph speed the whole way.

If you have picked up the Ford Focus, you should know the hill-assist’s turning off system. The instructions, queries, and maintenance of this part are equally important to know.

How to Turn off Hill Descent Control Ford Focus| Make It Easy

how to turn off hill descent control ford focus

Look for a dashboard for drivers; it must be on the left side of your facing. When you turned on the button, it would have been in an electric switch on position with a soft green light.

When you don’t need that function anymore, press the button again and switch off the hill descent control. Finally, when it’s turned off, you will notice a yellow light instead of the green light.

Sometimes, you may still see the green light for hill-assist mode despite turning off. Check the switch, and press it correctly again.

By the way, you won’t face any problem regarding hill descent control in the latest, or you can say in the fourth generation vehicles of Ford Focus. The manufacturers have put more effort into developing it and finally launched it in 2018.

Do All Ford Focus Have the Hill-Assist Function?

Much to your surprise, all Ford Focus doesn’t have the hill-assist function in them; those who have the older models or generation are deprived of the facility.

The first generation car of Ford Focus lasted from 1998 to 2007; it’s a long time, but it doesn’t contain the hill driver-assist option.

Next, we have the second generation vehicles from the ford focus hill descent light; the Ford Motors Company launched the second generation cars in 2007. This model lasted until 2011, but it doesn’t consist of the desired hill-assist feature.

When the competition increased, the manufacturers could understand the demand and added the hill-assist feature in the third-generation cars. As a result, both the third and fourth generation Ford Focus cars have hill ford hill descent control.

What if the Hill Descend Control Is Not There?

Sometimes, you may don’t have the hill descend control system installed in your car though it should have been according to the model. It’s not your fault; it’s a manufacturing defect by the manufacturer.

How would you know that there’s no hill-assist in your car? The answer is, when you will go on a hilly road, you will notice a warning light instead of an indicating illuminator. Moreover, you will not find any option in the settings dashboard.

It will be better if you find out the defect within your warranty period and take your vehicle to the Ford Focus showroom where you’ve bought the car.

Can You Repair if Your Descent Control System Is Not Working?

The hill descent control system works by traction control and anti-lock brake technology to limit a car’s speed and direction. It prevents your vehicle from moving uncontrolled on a slide or slope.

Sometimes, your vehicle’s signal sensors may disturb, or the hill-assist button may have problems. Please take it to the nearest servicing center so that the engineers can find out the issues and fix them.

The problems in accelerators or brakes are major ones, and you shouldn’t neglect those; otherwise, you may face an accident. Sometimes, you can’t control the pace even after activating the hill descent control mode.

Can You Only Use This Feature on Hills?

Absolutely not; you can use the descent control system other times except driving on hills. Suppose you want to get your car out of the basement you’ve parked; you can use this feature to go upwards.

Moreover, you should use it if the road you’re driving is not smooth and often ups and downs. Using this function will protect your car parts from getting damaged, and you won’t feel the repeated jerking.

However, you can use this mode if you face too many turnovers during your journey and don’t feel safe driving at a high-speed.

The Ford Focus’s sports cars also have the hill descent control feature because you never know what is waiting ahead in the roadmap. If you’re a car racer, it’s compulsory for you to have these functions in your racing car.

Which Cars Have the Hill Descent Control Feature Other Than Ford?

Let me show you a list of cars having hill driving control systems;

  • Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Phaeton
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Mercedes- Benz
  • Subaru Impreza, Subaru Forester, Subaru Legacy
  • Fiat- 500
  • BMW
  • Scoda
  • Alfa Romeo, etc.

More renowned, expensive, and luxurious cars have the hill assist option besides more advanced options. Ford Focus is also the recent addition of Ford Motor Company with this unique function.

How to Use Hill Descent Control on Ford Focus: Step by Step

How to Use Hill Descent Control on Ford Focus

Get your vehicle ready to have a ride on a slope or hill road; turn on the hill descent control for that.

– There will be a button that directly turns on the hill descent control; you don’t have to go to the menu button or settings button.

– On the other hand, some cars have a clumsy and lengthy system; you have to press the “ok” button, go to the menu and select the driver-assist option. You can then turn on the hill ride option, whether it’s much comfortable in Ford Focus.

– You will see the light when you will activate this manner; the light indicates that your car is ready to set the desired speed.

– Put your foot on the brake paddle or the accelerator to increase or decrease your Ford Focus’s rate. Remember, a hillside or slope is a dangerous phase to cross; keep the speed low.

– The pace should be between 2-12 mph or miles per hour; keep monitoring the speed segment and stop pressing the brake or accelerator once your car is in perfect motion.

– Cross the complicated road carefully; once you’re back on the usual track, turn off the hill descent control. If you can’t, see the manual and find out how to turn off-hill descent control Ford Focus.

– You will see a switch to turn off the hill-assist here. However, some advanced vehicles have an auto hill control turns off system; it automatically turns off when you land on the straight road or increase the velocity.

– For instance, Michael was driving his Audi, and activated the hill mode when he passed through an uneven road. When he reached the highway, it automatically adjusted itself.


If you have a fantastic and dashing Ford Focus, what else will you need for an exciting vacation? Get your car checked if there’s any problem or not; set out for a destination if it’s okay.

Don’t get afraid of driving through a hilly way; all you need is to learn to apply the hill-assist function. Make sure you know how to turn off hill descent control ford fusion, and you have renewed your driving license.

The Ford Company will provide you with a manual that helps you learn each function of your car. If you’re buying a second-hand car, take everything from the previous owner, including the manual.

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