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How to Turn off Mykey Volume Limit Ford f150: Step By Step

If you’re a Ford f150 or Ford f-series user, you may be familiar with the My Key feature; it’s one of the most advanced functions. You can control the quality; turn on or off the My Key volume when necessary.

You must learn how to turn off MyKey volume limit Ford f150 if you’re leading that car. Moreover, you have to observe and absorb the divisional features under My Key.

Turning on and off a setting option is essential because you must use a function only when necessary. Let’s find out the steps to turn off the MyKey volume limit and other question answers.

Once, my classmate didn’t turn on the My Key volume and handed his vehicle to his younger brother. As a result, he couldn’t control the car and met an accident; however, get introduced to Ford f150 features.

How to Turn off Mykey Volume Limit Ford f150:  Step by Step

If you want to limit your Ford’s audio volume, you should go to the My Key settings and customize the sound and select a specific limit.

  • Turn off your car’s engine and restart it so that you can turn on the MENU settings on the dashboard display.
  • In the next step, you should head towards the Settings option to reach the My Key feature.
  • Click on the MyKey option; scroll down and look for the Clear My Key to turn off the restriction.
  • Select the “ Clear MyKey” setting and hold on for a moment; if you have pressed the options right, you will see a message popping on the screen. The popped message is “ MyKey Cleared;” click the OK button then.
  • Check if your vehicle’s My Key restriction setting is turned off or not; it will surely turn off. You can drive your car in a normal mode, increase or decrease the speed, and control the audio volume.

You don’t need anyone to teach you the method because it’s very accessible; you can take help from the manual if you want.

Do All Ford f150 Have the Same System to Turn off MyKey?

Yes, all the latest versions of the Ford f150 have the same systems to maintain the feature. For example, you have to follow the same steps to operate My Key in the Ford f150 of 2013 and 2015.

The reason behind the same operating system is, My Key is the joint function of the Ford vehicle. So, no matter what the model is, the standard settings remain the same.

Does the Dead Battery Hamper the My Key Settings?

If your car’s battery goes flat or dies, that may automatically turn off My Key settings to reduce the energy. On the contrary, the dead battery can’t customize the restriction settings.

If your My Key shows any unusual behavior after recharging your car’s dead battery, you must take it to the Ford showroom and repair it. However, the admin key of your Ford may not work when the battery is low.

What is Ford My Key Volume: Know More about the Function

If you want to control the driving mode, you should turn on the My Key and customize the systems. For instance, you can control the driving speed, entertainment distractions, seat belts, parking aids, etc.

You may want to restrict your actions inside your Ford f150; you may turn on the options. You can change the restriction settings from the display screen in My Key; ensure your car’s safety.

Cars Those Have My Key Options in Themselves Except Ford f150:

Almost every car model from the Ford brand has the My Key feature, especially in the latest generation models.

  • Ford Explorer
  • Ford Escape
  • Ford Focus
  • Ford Fusion, etc.

The primary motive of Ford My Key is to control the settings inside the vehicle.

What Are the Options in the My Key: Find out

You will notice some keys that direct you towards the My Key option; you can also call them admin keys. When you press the admin keys for My Key, you will see the 3-options below:

  • Create a My Key (the beginning point.)
  • Program Configurable or Customization My Key (the intermediate point.)
  • Clear all My Key Features (if you want your car back in the normal mode.)

All three options are equally important because you can’t start the restriction settings without creating a My Key. The configurable key helps you to customize the driver settings.

Moreover, if you want to turn off the My Key, you will need to clear the feature to get your vehicle back to normal. Get introduced to the primary advantages of Ford My Key settings:

  • You can determine your vehicle’s highest speed; the My Key will alert you if you exceed that. For example, you’ve set the highest speed 50Mph; it will start signaling when you reach the limit.
  • You can also reduce the audio volume up to 45% in the My Key option; you will notice a warning on the display if the driver/ you try to increase the sound,
  • You can set different reminders for the driver and change them anytime according to necessity.

Get introduced to the non-configurable features that you can’t change in the My Key.

  • If someone from the vehicle’s front seat hasn’t tied the seatbelt well, the illuminator will indicate a warning with a sound.
  • Secondly, the My Key users may need more fuel than the normal mode users; so, it will tell when the car needs to be refueled.
  • Parking aids and radio satellite content controls are automatic in My Key; you can’t customize them.

How Will You Operate and Turn on the My Key?

Operating the Ford My Key is so comfortable that a 6-7 years old kid can also do that; follow the steps below:

  • Your vehicle must have a push-button start and an intelligent access key; insert a key you want in the ignition.
  • When you’ve switched on the ignition and turned on the MENU option, you will see a feature My Key.
  • Click on the My Key and then on the OK option; therefore, you will have to create a My Key.
  • Enable the My Key, and you will see a message on the display screen immediately. You may go back to the My Key menu option and change the settings if necessary.

Now, you may want to turn off the My Key volume and turn on the normal mode. If you want to know how to turn off the MyKey volume limit Ford f150, you must know the steps to turn off the My Key.

Therefore, it means you have to clear the My Key features and turn them off if you want to enjoy the usual audio volume.


Keeping the car’s speed moderate or the audio volume low ensures the driver’s safe drive; that’s why the Ford brand attaches the My Key function in their vehicles. However, it makes the brand unique from the other branded cars.

Anyway, you should know how to set up and how to turn off My Key volume limit Ford f150 to function your vehicle. You may not use it in general times, but if you’re teaching someone to drive a car, you should restrict the car features.

No matter the functions you have in your car, you should be careful while operating those features. Though the models manufactured since 2012 have the latest settings, try to buy the newer models.

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