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How to Turn Off Mykey Volume Limit Ford Focus : [ Simple Tips ]

Are you wondering how to quickly turn off the Ford MyKey volume limit in your car? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Some drivers who’ve used this Ford technology for a long time have managed to set the restrictions for the other keys.

However, when a vehicle encounters a situation that forces them to disable MyKey having the knowledge will be very helpful. That’s why in this post I’ll show you exactly how to turn off mykey volume limit ford focus.

What Is Ford MyKey?

If you are using the new Ford vehicle, then you’d have easy access to the new Ford technology such as Ford MyKey. This is a highly innovative feature that allows you to configure a number of things in your ford vehicle.

For instance, you can set restrictions on the other keys that are distributed for use in the same car. You can, for example, use the Ford MyKey to promote safe driving easily. You can use it to limit the highest speeds that a teen driver can hit, minimize any entertainment distraction, and ensure that your kid uses the seatbelt.

In short, the Ford MyKey enables you to quickly program your car with several restricted modes that you can use to promote safe driving habits.

What You Must Know

You can only program one key on the set. The rest are kept in the restricted mode. These keys that will remain un-programmed are usually called the administrator/admin keys. The admin keys are equally important and can come in handy in:

  • Creating the MyKey
  • Programing and configuring MyKey settings
  • Clearing all of the MyKey features

After you’ve used the admin keys to create MyKey, you can then use the information displayed to determine the following:

  • How many admin keys are programed
  • The total distance the vehicle went with MyKey.

How to Turn Off Mykey Volume Limit Ford Focus

In case you are in a situation that requires you to turn off your Ford MyKey, here is how to turn off mykey volume limit in a ford focus

  • Get into your car and start the engine.
  • Now wait for the car’s onboard computer to fully load
  • Once loaded, then you can locate the main ford menu on the display screen.
  • Use the controls that are mounted on the steering wheel.
  • With these controls, select “Settings”
  • Then press “OK.”
  • Next scroll to your “MyKey” option
  • When here press “OK.” Again
  • You can now search for an option that says you can “Clear MyKey.”
  • Select this new option by pressing and then holding the “OK.”
  • Keep holding until you get the following message on your screen: “All MyKeys Cleared.”
  • You’ll have successfully cleared the Ford MyKey.

Like I mentioned, there are several things that the Ford MyKey can help you with. However, those people who use this program will be limited by the same settings on how much they can do. As such, anyone who wants to disable the setup and enjoy the full capacity of the vehicle can use follow the step-by-step guide above.

Reprograming the Ford MyKey

If in case you later determine that you’d want to reprogram the Ford MyKey quickly then you can follow this next procedure.

  • Insert the new key that you’d like to program in your car’s ignition
  • If you have a vehicle with the push-button start, you can insert the key into your backup slot.
  • Next access the main menu
  • The menu is on your onboard computer.
  • Use the steering wheel-mounted controls to scroll
  • Next, navigate to the “Settings.”
  • Now scroll to the Ford “MyKey” option.
  • Next select “Create MyKey.”
  • Press on the “OK”
  • The system asks you to label the key in your ignition.
  • Give it the MyKey label.

The same procedure can also be used in case you are planning on adding a new MyKey into your Ford systems.

Additional Tips

Apart from what you have seen, here are some cool additional tips that will help you easily set up your new MyKey:

  • You must always switch on the car to configure your MyKey
  • All MyKeys are set to the same settings
  • All MyKeys cannot be programmed individually

Understanding these additional tips will make it easy for you to set up your new Ford MyKey. This is vital if you want to enhance safe driving, especially around teen or new Ford car model drivers.

Non-configurable Settings

Once you have the MyKey enabled, it will still contain some default MyKey settings that you cannot adjust using the admin key. These settings include the following:

The safety belt’s reminder will turn on, and the audio system mute’s when the front seat passengers’ safety belt is not fastened.

The low fuel activates earlier. It’ll therefore give the MyKey user enough time to refuel or even recharge easily.

If you have the driver-assisted features readily equipped on your car, they will be forced on. These are certain features, such as:

  • Parking aids
  • Blind Spot Information System
  • Restrictions on adult content

NOTE: All these are automatically turned on. In other words, you cannot set them off or change them even if you wanted to.


It is important to learn how to turn off mykey volume limit in a ford focus. However, you must also understand how much you can go with the same. When disabling the ford MyKey settings, you will need to make use of the Ford safety features that are pre-installed in the system, such as the parking aids.

Use the MyKey menu on the car’s display screen to either change restriction settings or even to clear the whole system altogether and take it back to its original status. When you do this, there won’t be any effect on how the car performs.

Nonetheless, it is very important to understand how the car’s system works before you can try to configure it afresh.

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