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How to Unlock a Ford Fusion Without Keys?

how to unlock a ford fusion without keys

Ford fusion lovers do you think about, how to unlock a ford fusion without keys? Let’s say for many reasons you can forget your car key inside locked.

Once you lost your key or just locked it in the car, it’s not quite easy to unlock the car. If you don’t know the trick and tips on how to do it. Beast and easiest solutions to call auto mechanics but you will have to punch your card for a simple reason.

Here I will show you how to unlock your ford fusion without a key and without spending a single buck. For various models have various security systems that may be quite difficult to unlock but be sure that is possible. As we say everything is possible, nothing is impossible,

Have you locked the keys of your ford fusion inside the car? Or do you have a dead key fob in your hand? Well, that’s not a big deal. You don’t need to spend a single penny to get over this problem.

Yes, you can open it yourself by applying little effort. So, in this article, you will come across the perfect solution to your problem. Here, you will know about how to unlock the ford fusion without keys. So, start scrolling down to know the magical ways to open your ford fusion.

Methods on, How to Unlock a ford fusion Without Keys:

Ford fusions have two types of keys:

  • It has a Key-fob or a remote.
  • Inside the remote, there is a key made of metal. That, you can use in case of an emergency.
  • For this purpose, it has a key override on the door. You can find it on the handle of the driver’s door.

So, don’t worry. Let’s go through the details given below. You will enjoy opening your ford fusion with us. Because they are very easy to open. Following are the wonderful methods to open your ford fusion without keys:

Use of airbag, when you locked your keys inside the car:

Here, you go. The very first method to open your ford fusion is a traditional one. If you have any past experience of going to a mechanic’s shop, then you already have an idea about an airbag and a long reach tool for opening the car’s door.

So, begin your work by following these particular steps to unlock the door:

  • Firstly, slide the airbag into the door’s jamb. Most of the doors do not open by just putting on the airbag. Instead, you need further steps to get in the car.
  • Secondly, pump the air into the bag.
  • Pump the air in, until you make a space in the door for a long reach tool.
  • Lastly, insert the long reach tool into the car through space. Try to pull the door’s handle. You need to pull it with energy.
  • So, You have done it. Great, now step in the car and grab your keys.

Well done, and try not to forget the keys again.

Use of Physical Key if you locked your car keys in the car:

The second situation is if you lock your car keys inside the car, and you have a plan to go out. You step out of your house and are about to open the ford fusion. And what do you see?

Oh, no you forget the car keys inside your car. Never mind. Do not forget the fob key or remote has a physical key inside it.

Follow the steps for opening a ford fusion, if you lock your key inside the ford.

  • Take a screwdriver or any key to use inside the hole underneath the handle of your ford fusion.
  • Bend down and you will see a hole under the handle of your ford fusion.
  • Stick that physical key or any screwdriver in that hole. A small arrow will indicate a direction to move the key. Follow that guideline, usually, the arrow will show you to slide your key in the right direction.
  • When you will move it to the right side, grab the outer part of the handle with your other hands. After sliding, the cover of the handle will come off and now you have access to the actual opening.
  • Now manually, stick screwdriver or key and.
  • Yes, here you find the traditional keyhole.
  • Lastly, tuck the key into the keyhole and open your ford.

Note: If your emergency key does not work at the first attempt then try it a few times. Also, use some oil so that it can become smooth.

Isn’t it pretty easy? If yes, then what are you waiting for. Get in the car and start driving towards your destination.

Use of String, rope, or a shoelace and a rod:

If you don’t have an airbag or long reach tool then it is not a problem either, you can use shoelaces or rope. Yes! A rope or shoelace will help you to open a ford fusion without keys.

Find out any rope or shoelace then proceed with the following steps to get into your ford fusion:

  • With the help of a shoelace try to slide the string of the door from the top. For this purpose, you can use the screwdriver if you want. Otherwise, it is an easy task and you can slide string without any tool also.
  • Now keep moving the string back and forth, until there is a proper space for the rod to penetrate through the door.
  • In the next step, bring the rod inside the door carefully. Try not to damage the paint of your ford fusion.
  • Here you go pull the door’s handle with the rod and your car is open without any key. Now get inside the ford fusion and enjoy your ride.

Isn’t it amazing, playful, and easy too? Yup. But, you can apply all of the above-mentioned methods in case of emergency only.

How to open a ford fusion when your car battery is dead:

In the 4th situation when your ford battery is dead, still there is a method to get into your car. Actually, in this, your car key is dead not your car battery. So what you can do….?

  • There is a sensor on the mirror of the ford side. When you will swipe the sensor on it, the light will come on.
  • After that enter your passcode on it and the door will open.

Use of Tennis Ball

Yes, you can also use a tennis ball to open your car door and it is a quite simple process.

  • Firstly burn a hole in the tennis ball.
  • Now place the tennis ball on the keyhole of your car.
  • Now apply full pressure on the tennis ball. In this way, the air pressure will travel from the tennis ball to the keyhole. That air pressure will force your car keyhole to unlock.
  • You can simply use this method if you forget your key or in case of an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How I can open a deadbolt with a screwdriver?

A screwdriver works great for the opening of a car door or deadbolt. Just get a screwdriver with a short handle and stick it inside the keyhole. Now move your screwdriver from keyhole side to side. After a few attempts, your deadbolt will open.

Can I take the help of a professional for opening the door of my ford?

Yes, you can take the help of any professional or mechanic even you can take help from the police also. But if you will take help from a professional, they will charge you between 50-150$, which is quite expensive. But from our blog methods, you can unlock your ford even without spending a single buck.

Furthermore, sometimes in case of emergency you will not able to find a mechanic near to you. In this situation, these methods will help you a lot. So you just need to learn about these methods, in order to tackle an emergency situation.


Do you own a ford fusion? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will come to know about various methods of how to unlock the ford fusion without keys. Particularly, when you do not have its keys. For instance, you can unlock your ford fusion with its metal key, airbag along with a long reach tool, and with a string and a rod.

To cut it short, owning a vehicle can bring trouble at any time. In this case, you must have knowledge about some alternatives for an emergency. For instance, you arrive at a party and forget your keys inside the car. So, always prepare yourself for any unpredictable situation.

So, In this article, you will come to know about various methods of how to unlock a ford fusion without keys especially when you do not have its keys or you forget inside your ford. In short, you can unlock your ford fusion with its metal key, airbag along with a long reach tool, and with a string and a rod.

All of the above-stated methods are very helpful and easy? Aren’t they??

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