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How to Connect Bluetooth to Ford Fusion: [ Top 8 Best Steps]

Is it always possible to carry a data cable with you to connect your phone to your car? It’s not possible; that’s why many cars have the Bluetooth SYNC options installed. If you’re a Ford Fusion owner, you should know how to connect Bluetooth to Ford Fusion. However, this application allows you to keep your phone aside, enjoy music, or receive an urgent call. Many car crashes occur in the … Read more

How to Turn off Interior Lights Ford Explorer

You will see many lights inside your car other than the headlights; do you know what their purposes are? Each illuminator has a specific purpose, but usually, they indicate if the door is locked or not. You should know how to turn off interior lights Ford Explorer if you have one. At first, I will let you know about the primary functions of that vehicle. You will find out all … Read more

How to Reset Throttle Position Sensor Ford: Simple Guide for You

If you have had an experience with a bad throttle position sensor, then you understand why you need to solve it as soon as possible. The best way to do that is to replace your car’s throttle position sensor once and for all. It is the surest way to eliminate any other future problems. If you are in need of this for your Ford, here is how to reset throttle … Read more

How to Get VIN Number from License Plate Number

Do you know your personal car good enough? One way to find out if you do is to get your car’s VIN. But what is the vehicle’s VIN? The car’s VIN is an abbreviation that stands for the VIN number,” which is the main identification code for EVERY vehicle. The VIN number is made up of up to 17 characters, which include digits and sometimes capital letters. These characters will … Read more

How to Turn off Hill Descent Control Ford Focus

We all know that the Ford car brand has been using the hill assist since 2012, but how to turn off hill descent control Ford Focus? Do you know what it is and how does it function in a car? However, its hill descent control’s primary purpose is to control your car’s speed on hillsides or uneven roads. When you decide to drive on a hill track, make sure your … Read more

How to Open Ford Fusion Hood: [ Simple Guide for New Drivers ]

There are many reasons why you may choose to open up the hood of your car. These reasons can stretch from simple check-ups, mechanical problems to even dead batteries or lack of engine coolant. Whichever the reason for wanting to open up the hood of your vehicle, it is important that you learn how to open the vehicle’s hood in the right way. If you are a new driver, stick … Read more

How to Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Ford f150

Do you own the Ford F150? If you do, one thing that you should pay attention to is the mass airflow sensor. But what is the mass airflow sensor? This is an extremely delicate sensor that uses two specific wires to measure up the amounts of air that flows into the F150 engine. These two wires are electrically heated. As they heat up, the ECU is consequently alerted on the … Read more

How to Open Ford Ecosport Trunk: Just in 3 Easy Steps

If you have driven a Ford Ecosport, then you must understand how important the trunk is. Like many other cars that you may see, the trunk of the Ford Ecosport can be used for very many things such as carrying luggage, groceries, spare wheel, car jerk, and wheel spanner, among other things. While this gives you a cool experience, if you are driving, it is important that you understand how … Read more

How to Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy

Concerning the resetting transmission control module Chevy, do you know why it is crucial?  Sometimes old model cars create issues like slow acceleration, gear slippage, inability to shift, and more unusual problems. Because of these issues; resetting the transmission control module becomes magnificently necessary. Fixing these problems is pretty costly, but you can save your money if you do this on your own. In this case, let me suggest an … Read more

How to Reset Ford Transmission – [Expert’s Guidelines]

Many of the Ford users have queries to know about how to reset Ford Transmission manually. If you are one among us then you came into the right place to learn the process thoroughly. We explored around and gathered some correct information from the Car engine experts. That will be quite useful for all of us beginners. As we will know a fluent way to fix transmission error and reset … Read more